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GATE 2025 Environment Quiz 12

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Question 1

The purpose of providing a balancing reservoir in a water supply distribution system is to

Question 2

20 MLD of water is flowing through a 3 km long pipe of diameter 50 cm. The quantity of chlorine used to treat the water is 4.5 mg/ℓ is applied at the entry of this pipe so that disinfected water is obtained at the exit of the pipe. The flow through pipe is supposed to be increased by 6 MLD . The minimum amount of chlorine (in kg per day) required to be applied to achieve the same degree of disinfection assuming the dilution coefficient 1 is ________

Question 3

In water treatment plant, the pH values of incoming and outgoing water are 7.5 and 8.2 respectively. Assuming a linear variation of pH with time, the pH value of mix (two decimal places) is

Question 4

Treatment plant treating 15MLD of water requires 35mg/l of Alum. If the water has 10mg/l of alkalinity as CaCO3, find the quantity of quick lime required (tones per year as CaO)? [Al=27, S=32, O=16, H=1, Ca=40, C=12)?

Question 5

Water is supplied to a city having a population of 1 lakh at a constant rate of 150 litres per capita per day. A graph is plotted between the cumulative flow versus time. From the curve it was found that the surplus is maximum at 7 hours when cumulative demand is 2 .95 Million liters and demand is maximum at 20 hours when the cumulative demand is 13 .65 Million liters. The maximum capacity of reservoir using mass curve method is _____ ML.

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statement is correct among the following?
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