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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Properties of Soils

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Question 1

Which of the following corrections are applied in Hydrometer Analysis?

(i) Meniscus correction

(ii) Temperature correction

(iii) Scaling correction

(iv) Dispersing agent correction

Question 2

As per the Stokes law the terminal velocity of a particle is

Question 3

The laboratory tests on a soil sample gave the following results:
1). Natural water content, wn = 25%
2). Liquid limit, wL = 60%
3). Plastic limit, wp = 35%
4). Percentage of particle less than 2μ = 20%
The value of activity number is

Question 4

The relationship between water content (w%) and number of blows (N) in soils, as obtained from Casagrande's liquid limit device, is given by
w = 20 – log10 N
The liquid limit of the soil is

Question 5

Statement 1: The void ratio of the soil is a useful parameter used for representing volume changes under compression.

Statement 2: Volume of solids does not change when the soil is compressed but total volume changes.

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