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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Principle of Effective Stress

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Question 1

A dry soil is acted upon by a tension force of 0.2 N/m. The effective size of soil grains can be taken as 0.11 mm. What will be the maximum rise attained due to capillary? Take .

Question 2

AssertionA.: For a saturated clayey soil, the effective stress increases immediately after increasing the surcharge.

Reason(R): Effective stress is given as the difference between total stress and pore water pressure.

Question 3

Effective stress at a point in a soil layer will increase due to:

Question 4

In a silt deposit, the water table which was originally at a depth of 2 m was lowered to a depth of 4 .5 m by pumping. What is the change in effective pressure at a depth of 4 .5 m? Assume 100% capillary saturation upto ground surface in both cases.

Question 5

There is a 4m thick sand Layer. The water table is 3m below the top surface. The unit weight of sand above water table is 17 kN/m3. Calculate effective stress at section X-X as shown in figure. Assume a capillary rise of 1 m above the water table.

Take γsat, sand (cap. Saturated) = 20 KN/m3

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