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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Darcy's Law and 1D-Permeability

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Question 1

Which among the following is not a field method in determination of coefficient of permeability?

Question 2

The lower limit of coefficient of permeability for which the constant head test give good results is

Question 3

Statement 1: The constant head permeability test is not suitable for fine grained soil.

Statement 2: The discharge coming out from a fine grained soil is very less and cannot be measured accurately.

Question 4

Which of the following assumptions are made by Dupit in deriving the expression for coefficient of permeability?

(i) The well penetrate the entire thickness of aquifer.

(ii) The slope of hydraulic gradient line is small.

(iii) Flow towards the well is vertical

(iv) Flow is steady

Question 5

In a constant head permeability test, if the discharge coming out of the sample is 0.35 cm3/s find the coefficient of permeability if the length and area of cross section of the sample is 30 cm and 250 cm2 respectively. The head loss per unit length of the sample can be assumed as 0.25 .
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