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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Consolidation & Compressibility

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Question 1

When the pore water pressure dissipates slowly under the action of static loading, this phenomenon is known as

Question 2

Statement 1: An over consolidated soil will experience very less amount of settlement when subjected to static loading.

Statement 2: The recompression index of a soil is much smaller than the compression index of soil.

Question 3

Isochrones are the curves obtained by

Question 4

The assumptions made by Terzaghi in deriving consolidation equation are

(i) The soil is fully saturated.

(ii) Darcy’s law is valid throughout the consolidation process.

(iii) Consolidation is one dimensional only

(iv) The soil and water particles are incompressible.

Question 5

The time factor depends upon

(i) Degree of consolidation

(ii) Coefficient of consolidation

(iii) length of drainage path

(iv) Permeability of the sample

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