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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Compaction of Soil

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Question 1

Compaction of a soil

(i) is expulsion of water from the voids

(ii) Increases the shear strength of the soil

(iii) Does not result in change of void ratio

(iv) Reduces the compressibility and permeability of soil.

Question 2

Increase in compactive effort result in

Question 3

Which of the following factors affects the compaction process

(i) Water content at the time of compaction

(ii) Soil composition and minerology

(iii) Amount of compactive effort

(iv) Method of compaction

Question 4

Statement 1: The soil compacted dry side of the optimum have Flocculated structure

Statement 2: At the dry side of OMC, attractive forces predominates the repulsive forces due to less moisture content.

Question 5

The pneumatic type of roller used for soil compaction

(i) Consist of a hollow drum with a number of projections

(ii) Compact the soil by kneading action

(iii) is suitable only for cohesive soil

Which of the above statements are correct?

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