World Vegan Day [1st November]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Oct 27, 2022, 8:51

World Vegan Day is an annual celebration of veganism that takes place globally on 1st November. Established in 1994 by Lousie Wallis, this day aims to promote the advantages of veganism for human health, society, and the environment. World Vegan Day was initially celebrated in the United Kingdom but has gradually seen participation from other parts of the world as well.

In today’s world, an increasing number of people are embracing veganism as a lifestyle. World Vegan Day proves as the perfect occasion for vegans to come together to discuss and promote their way of living. Know all about the history, significance, and celebrations of this day here.

World Vegan Day 2022

November marks the beginning of World Vegan Month, and the first day of the month is celebrated as World Vegan Day. On this day, vegan activists around the globe host events to promote the vegan way of living. They also share knowledge about how veganism helps improve health and the environment.

The benefits of veganism have resulted in the movement’s popularity, and more and more people are making the effort to learn about this lifestyle. But how did World Vegan Day start? Get an idea from the overview shared below:

Event Name

World Vegan Day

Celebrated On

1st November (every year)

Established By

Louise Wallis, former Chairperson of The Vegan Society

Established In


Aim of the Day

To promote the health and environmental benefits of veganism

World Vegan Day Themes

Every World Vegan Day, a new theme is shared based on which the celebrations take place. The theme for Vegan Day 2022 has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be shared soon. A theme is important because it gives more meaning to the celebration.

Last year, the World Vegan Day theme 2021 was “Live Vegan for Less.” This theme directly indicates that by adapting to a vegan lifestyle, any individual could make their lifestyle more cost-efficient. It also points towards veganism’s general belief that consumption should be limited.

Difference Between Veganism and Vegetarianism

Veganism and vegetarianism are two different things. On World Vegan Day, enrich your knowledge by knowing the difference between the two:



Vegetarians do not consume meat or poultry products.

Vegans also do not consume meat and poultry.

Vegetarians may consume by-products of meat and poultry such as eggs, dairy, honey.

Vegans avoid consuming even the by-products of meat and poultry.

Vegetarianism does not involve any lifestyle changes.

Vegans follow a strict diet and lifestyle and avoid using products made from or through the labour of animals.

History of Vegan Day

The history of World Vegan Day can be traced back to 1994 when the Chairperson of the UK’s The Vegan Society, Louise Wallis established the day. The day was established to mark some significant events, which are mentioned below:

  • It marked the society’s 50th year in operation.
  • It celebrated the coining of the term “vegan” and “veganism.”

Vegan Day falls between Halloween (31st October) and Mexican Day of the Dead (2nd November). According to Wallis, 1st November was the right day to celebrate the day as it promotes some positivity and lays an emphasis on mindful living.

World Vegan Day Significance

Countless scientific studies have shown that veganism can benefit people in terms of health. Take it one step further, and a completely vegan lifestyle can help not only humans but also the environment to flourish. Although veganism has become popular, people still know very little about its benefits. World Vegan Day is the right time to discuss its significance:

  • On this day, vegans around the world get a chance to share their ideas and opinions with the global vegan community.
  • It is the right occasion to spread awareness about the benefits of veganism for humans and the environment.
  • Veganism can help make the world more sustainable.
  • Veganism eliminates animal cruelty.
  • A vegan lifestyle makes an individual more mindful of their eating habits and lifestyle choices.
  • World Vegan Day is also a day to protest against animal and environmental exploitation.

How to Celebrate World Vegan Day?

Many different countries around the world celebrate Vegan Day in their own unique way. Here are some of the ways in which this day is celebrated:

  • Vegan food stalls are installed, and some places even share free vegan food.
  • Talk events are hosted where people discuss the importance of going vegan.
  • In some places, memorial trees are planted on World Vegan Day.
  • Some people make donations to organizations that support veganism.
  • Host runs and other interactive events.
  • Establish your own local vegan community.
  • Host an online program with interested people to discuss veganism.

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FAQs on World Vegan Day

Q1. When is World Vegan Day celebrated?

World Vegan Day is celebrated on 1st November every year. This day is observed to promote the benefits of veganism. Vegan Day is also an occasion for the vegan community to come together and discuss their lifestyle.

Q2. What is the World Vegan Day theme 2022?

The World Vegan Day theme 2022 has not been announced yet. The general celebration of the day revolves around discussing the benefits of veganism and promoting this lifestyle for all. The theme of World Vegan Day 2021 was “Live Vegan for Less.”

Q3. Why is World Vegan Day celebrated?

World Vegan Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the establishment of UK’s The Vegan Society. This day was celebrated for the first time in 1994. Since then, as the vegan movement has spread to other parts of the world, this day is also observed to promote veganism.

Q4. Is 1st November celebrated as World Vegan Day?

Yes, 1st November is celebrated as World Vegan Day. This day was established by Louise Wallis, the former chairperson of The Vegan Society in the UK. She established this day to commemorate the society’s 50th year in operation.

Q5. Which month is celebrated as Vegan Month?

The month of November is celebrated as World Vegan Month every year. Many countries participate in this celebration and promote veganism. Moreover, 1st November is also celebrated as World Vegan Day in many parts of the world.