National Security Day

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 2, 2023, 12:28

National Security Day is celebrated annually on 4th March in India. This day is celebrated to honour the security forces of India and to commemorate the establishment of the National Safety Council (NSC). On National Security Day, the people of India honor the military, para-military, commandos, police officials, guards, and other security forces.

The first Indian National Security Day was celebrated in 1972. To know more about the history and objective of this day, read the information given below.

What is National Security Day?

Every year, to honor the Indian security forces, National Security Day is celebrated in India on 4th March. The National Safety Council, established on 4th March 1966 by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, takes the onus of celebrating this day. This council is a non-profit organization tasked with ensuring sustainability, safety, and security at a national level.

The celebration of National Security Day is no longer limited to just one day. Rather, an entire week is now reserved for the celebration of National Safety. This week is called National Safety Week, and it is celebrated from 4th March to 10th March.


National Security Day

Celebrated On

4th March annually

Where is it Celebrated?



To honor the National Safety Council of India

National Security Day 2022 Theme

“Nurture young minds - develop a safety culture” was the National Security Day 2022 theme. The aim of the theme was to encourage people to make safety a priority wherever they go. The aim was also to inculcate a responsible attitude from a young age. Every year on National Security Day, a unique theme is chosen by the National Safety Council.

National Security Day - History

The history of National Security Day goes back to 4th March 1966 when the Ministry of Labour and Employment established the National Safety Council. The aim of this council is to encourage a nationwide voluntary movement on SHE - Safety, Health, and Environment. The council focuses on creating a society that takes an organized approach and preventive measures toward SHE issues.

With the celebration of National Safety Week, from 4th March to 10th March every year, the issues of public safety and public health are raised and people are educated about how to follow preventive measures and lead a safe life.

National Security Day - Objectives

Most people remain oblivious about even the basic safety and security measures that could save their lives from potential danger. National Security Day is a day dedicated to talking about these topics and educating people about the same. The objectives of National Security Day include:

  • Achieve the public's participation in valuing the importance of safety.
  • To promote the values and importance of safety in all sectors of life.
  • To implement safe practices at the workplace by considering safety measures as a priority to prevent accidents and mishaps.

Beyond educating people about safety and security measures, National Security Day is also about commemorating the efforts of the countless brave people engaged in jobs that endanger their lives while protecting ours. Therefore, on Security Day, we honor and pay tribute to the services of the Indian security forces.

National Security Day Activities

As National Security Day is a nationwide observance, a range of activities and events are held on this day. Here are some of the activities that are observed on this day:

  • Display of banners, pins, and posters demonstrating safety practices.
  • Safety competitions like slogans, essays, poems, poster making, and rangoli.
  • Conducting drama, exhibitions, practical demonstrations, and seminars.
  • Emergency drill and display of safety procedures.
  • Awareness programs through analysis of past accidents.

National Security Day Theme

National Security Day, celebrated as a week-long "National Safety Week," works to instill the practice of safety procedures everywhere. Here are some of the previous year’s National Security Day themes:


National Security Day Theme


Nurture young minds - develop a safety culture


Road Safety or Sadak Suraksha


Enhance Safety and Health Performance by Use of Advanced Technologies


Reinforcement of Positive Behavior at the Workplace / Realization of Safety and Health Goals.


Reinforcement of Positive Behavior at the Workplace / Realization of Safety and Health Goals.


Keeping One Another Safe


Strengthen Safety Movement to Realize Zero Harm


Management of Stress at the Workplace and Control Hazards / Safety: It takes All of Us.

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FAQs on National Security Day

Q1. When is National Security Day celebrated in India?

India celebrates National Security Day on 4th March. It was later extended to be a week-long celebration called "National Safety Week," which is observed from 4th March to 10th March every year.

Q2. Why is National Security Day celebrated?

National Security Day is celebrated in India to honor the security forces that work tirelessly to protect us. This day is also observed because, on this day, the National Safety Council was established by the Ministry of Labour and Employment in 1966.

Q3. What is the National Security Day 2022 theme?

The National Security Day theme 2022 was “Nurture young minds - develop a safety culture.” This theme revolved around encouraging young people and children to realize the responsibility of protecting themselves and others by practicing safety measures.

Q4. When was the first National Security Day celebrated?

The first National Security Day was celebrated in 1972. National Security Day is about honoring security officials, spreading awareness of safety practices in our daily lives, and commemorating the founding of the National Safety Council in 1966.