What is a Smart City?

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 7, 2023, 14:43

Smart city” is a term used to refer to a city that has greater operational efficiency than others due to the use of technology. This sort of city is built keeping in mind the requirements of the modern city-dweller. Some of the key functionalities found in such a city include the following:

  • Promoting economic growth
  • Giving the citizens a “smart” living environment
  • Being highly operational and efficient
  • Improving the overall quality of life of the citizens.

In the modern world, there is a lot of importance of smart cities as it introduces a new way of living for people. To know more about this concept, read the information given below.

What is Smart City

We've been hearing the term "smart city" a lot lately in various forums. But what is a smart city? As the name implies, it is a city that effectively uses information and communication technology to benefit its residents. Governments around the world have recently adapted and improved wireless technologies to develop better infrastructure and facilities for their residents.

With the increased use of new technologies, cities can create more sustainable and efficient operating methods. Moreover, the demands of the modern citizen are ever-evolving, and the infrastructure of a traditional city is often unaccommodating to these demands. Here is how smart cities can help:

  • Giving the contemporary citizen the infrastructure and lifestyle they need
  • A smart city can become the hub of all technical and modern activities and businesses
  • Convenient living
  • Modern and better-planned housing structures

Importance of Smart Cities

As the lifestyle of individuals and communities around the globe evolves, dependency on technology for a more comfortable living is increasing. The concept of an intelligent city introduces a new way of living for citizens, with more technology involved. Here is why smart cities are important in the 21st century:

  • Modern infrastructure based on technology
  • Convenient public transportation
  • Environmental-friendly infrastructure
  • Better city plans
  • Accessible and efficient surroundings

Smart City Characteristics

Smart cities are different from other cities in many ways. The advanced resources used in such a city make the lives of the citizens easier. From the infrastructure to technology - everything is well-planned in a smart city. On the other hand, in a regular city, existing resources are not always used to their full potential. Neither is the city planned in a way that makes the convenience of the citizen the topmost priority. Here are some smart city characteristics:

  • Modern infrastructure based on high technology
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Sustainable City Plan

Role of Technology in Building Smart Cities

Smart city technologies improve communication, transport, energy use, infrastructure development, and connectivity. Following are some ways in which smart cities are implementing sustainable and improved technology for the benefit of the people.

Reduced Costs with Smart Energy

The majority of smart cities are embarking on sustainable and efficient means of energy. Several public places are now lit using solar panels with energy-efficient LED lights.

Renewable energy is adopted by several smart cities in public places and private homes. This ensures the conservation of our environment and better management of energy. It also prevents issues of blackouts and allows better management of electric usage.

Improved Health and Mobility

With improved green technology like electric vehicles, real-time traffic monitoring, and smart parking, cities make living healthy and efficient. The use of electric vehicles for public transport can significantly decrease the pollution levels in the city and ensure better health for the people. In a smart city, real-time traffic monitoring with efficient cameras and sensors can help reduce traffic issues and allow the mobility of people and goods.

Enhancing Partnerships with Smart Choices

Smart cities demand the implementation of smart technologies, which improves partnerships between involved stakeholders. The public and private sectors can collaborate and promote creative ways of using technology. These partnerships also contribute to an increase in the local economy and further boost the overall impression of the country.

Smart Cities in India

In 2015, the Smart City Mission (SCM) was launched in India. This boosted cities' willingness to improve their quality of life by adopting digital technologies. In 2021, several cities were awarded for adopting sustainable ways of living, the top five beings:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Amritsar
  3. Rajkot
  4. Coimbatore
  5. Hyderabad

Smart cities are very important for our country to manage population growth in the next few decades. The creation of smart methods of living is the best way to ascend into the future.

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FAQs about What is Smart City

What is a smart city?

The term “smart city” refers to a modern way of living that is heavily influenced by technology. In a smart city, the focus is on improving the quality of life of the citizens using modern technology.

What is the mission of a smart city?

The mission of a smart city is to effectively use digital technologies and communication to develop sustainable ways of living. This not only helps our planet but also ensures healthy and safe living.

How is technology used in smart cities?

Smart cities use technology for traffic control, waste management, production of smart energy, and smooth mobility. Technology may be used in the form of equipment, architecture, and more.

What are the features of a smart city?

Smart cities are different from regular cities. Here are some of the features of a smart city:

  • Modern infrastructure centered on making mobility more efficient
  • Convenient and safe public transportation
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • The better city plans to accommodate more population
  • Extremely accessible and efficient for the citizens

Which are the top five smart cities in the world?

Singapore, Oslo, New York, London, and Copenhagen are the top five smart cities in the world. These cities have the infrastructure to sustain the 21st-century lifestyle of a modern citizen.