List of Chief Minister of West Bengal & their Tenure Periods

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Updated : Feb 7, 2022, 4:16

A Chief Minister holds the most powerful position in any state. The Chief Minister of West Bengal is the de facto executive authority of the state charged with enforcing state laws. The Governor of West Bengal appoints the Chief Minister under Article 164 of the Indian Constitution.

The partition of India in 1947 divided Bengal into two provinces- East Bengal (Pakistani Province)and West Bengal (Indian State). Since then, West Bengal has been ruled by eight Chief Ministers, starting with Prafulla Chandra Ghosh as the first Premier of West Bengal.

Premier of West Bengal

Below is the list of all Chief Ministers of India from 1947 to date.

Sr. No





Prafulla Chandra Ghosh

15 August 1947 - 22 January 1948

Indian National Congress (INC)


Bidhan Chandra Roy

23 January 1948 - 25 January 1950

Indian National Congress (INC)

List of Chief Ministers of West Bengal


Chief Minister




Bidhan Chandra Roy

26 January 1950 - 1 July 1962

Indian National Congress (INC)


Prafulla Chandra Sen

9 July 1962 - 28 February 1967

Indian National Congress (INC)


Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee

1 March 1967 - 21 November 1967

Bangla Congress (United Front)


Prafulla Chandra Ghosh

21 November 1967-19 February 1968

Independent (Progressive Democratic Front)


President's Rule

20 February 1968 -25 February 1969



Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee

25 February 1969 - 16 March 1970

Bangla Congress (United Front)


President's Rule

19 March 1970 - 2 April 1971



Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee

2 April 1971-28 June 1971

Bangla Congress (Democratic Coalition)


President's Rule

29 June 1971 - 20 March 1972



Siddhartha Shankar Ray

20 March 1972 - 30 April 1977

Indian National Congress (Progressive Democratic Alliance)


President's Rule

30 April 1977 - 20 June 1977



Jyoti Basu

21 June 1977 - 5 November 2000

Communist Party of India (Marxist)


Buddhadeb Bhattacharya

6 November 2000 - 13 May 2011

Communist Party of India (Marxist)


Mamata Banerjee

20 May 2011 - Present

All India Trinamool Congress (AITC)

Chief Minister of West Bengal in Detail

  • Prafulla Chandra Ghosh:

Prafulla Chandra Ghosh, the first Premier and Chief Minister of West Bengal, was one of India's most prominent freedom fighters. He served West Bengal under three separate governments - West Bengal National Congress, Progressive Democratic Alliance Front, and the Coalition Government led by Indian National Congress.

  • Bidhan Chandra Roy:

Bidhan Chandra Roy was the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. He is also considered the founder of modern West Bengal. He played a vital role in founding the four eminent cities of West Bengal-Durgapur, Kalyani, Bidhannagar, and Ashoknagar. His birth anniversary is celebrated as National Doctor's Day in India.

  • Prafulla Chandra Sen:

Prafulla Chandra Sen was an Indian politician and a freedom fighter. He rallied alongside Gandhi for a mass non-cooperation movement against the British. He served as the Chief Minister of West Bengal from 1962 to 1967.

  • Jyoti Basu:

Jyoti Basu was the longest-serving Chief Minister of West Bengal (1977 to 2000) with a political career spanning over seven decades. He was noted to have been the longest-serving Chief Minister in an elected democracy at his resignation.

  • Mamata Banerjee:

Mamata Banerjee is the first woman to hold the office of the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Banerjee pulled off a landslide victory in 2011 for the AITC alliance, defeating the 34-year-old Left Front government, and has been serving as the current Chief Minister of West Bengal.

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FAQs about Chief Minister of West Bengal

  • Who is the first Chief Minister of West Bengal?

Ans: Prafulla Chandra Ghosh was the first Chief Minister of West Bengal.

  • Who is the longest-serving Chief Minister of West Bengal?

Ans: Jyoti Basu was the longest-serving Chief Minister of West Bengal?

  • Who is the current Chief Minister of West Bengal?

Ans: Mamata Banerjee is the current and the first woman Chief Minister of West Bengal.