School Education Quality Index [SEQI]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 7, 2023, 11:33

The School Education Quality Index [SEQI] was created to assess states' and union territories' (UTs') efficiency in the school education industry. The index intends to offer an outcomes-focused approach to educational policies by giving a platform for states / Territories to assess their strengths and shortcomings and implement necessary course changes or policy initiatives.

School Education Quality Index [SEQI] Aim

The index aims to encourage the transfer of knowledge and best practices between States/Territories, in keeping with NITI Aayog's goal to create a culture of cooperative and competitive federalism.

School Education Quality Index [SEQI] Objectives

SEQI seeks to influence policy solutions to enhance the quality of teaching and learning education.

The school education quality index aims to establish a focus on improving educational outcomes by promoting enhancements in learning capabilities, accessibility, diversity, architecture, and governance mechanisms.

Facts About School Education Quality Index [SEQI]

The index acknowledges that education is a Sequential List topic and that State-level governance is critical to enhancing results in a cost-effective approach.

The index will act as a periodic and transparent assessment of the quality of school education across states and UTs.

The index was created through a collaborative approach that included major stakeholders like the World Bank, the MHRD, and sector experts.

It includes 30 vital aspects that evaluate the delivery of excellent education.

School Education Quality Index [SEQI] - Processes of Governance Assisting Outcomes

Education should produce measurable academic achievement. To make sure that the system is oriented toward learning, SEQI gives educational objectives nearly half of its weight. This sends a powerful message across the country that the emphasis must stay on learning.

School Education Quality Index [SEQI] further focuses centres its attention on metrics that drive educational performance improvements instead of inputs or certain methods.

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Hence, the index tries to legitimise an aim to improve educational standards in India in terms of knowledge, accessibility, equity, and accountability.

The School Education Quality Index [SEQI] is a benchmark used to assess the education quality given in schools throughout India's several states and union territories.

SEQI is intended as a progressive instrument that will expand in the future. The quality index will be designed with the significance of existing indicators as well as the accessibility of data for new measures in mind over time.

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FAQs on School Education Quality Index [SEQI]

Q1. What exactly is the School Education Quality Index [SEQI]?

School Education Quality Index [SEQI] is composed of a set of measures that assess the overall strength, integrity, and productivity of Indian school education. The quality index encourages provinces and territories to enhance their rankings by demonstrating improvement in these areas.

Q2. Who established the School Education Quality Index [SEQI]?

NITI Aayog established the School Education Quality Index [SEQI] to monitor the efficiency of states/union territories in the education industry.

Q3. What are the goals and characteristics of the School Education Quality Index [SEQI]?

The Aim and Objective of the School Education Quality Index include- forcing policy changes that will enhance teaching and learning systems in schools. It aims to formalise an emphasis on developing educational outcomes through advancing learning levels, accessibility, equity, facilities, and governance mechanisms.

Q4. With regards to School Education Quality Index [SEQI], which state has the best school education quality index according to the NITI Aayog?

With regards to School Education Quality Index [SEQI], Kerala is in first place in the standings. Kerala ranks 80th out of 100 states in the NITI Aayog's growth rating. Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Uttarakhand are the states that follow Kerla. Chandigarh is the forerunner among the UTs, after which come Delhi and Puducherry.

Q5. What is India's School Education Quality Index [SEQI] ranking?

India's School Education Quality Index [SEQI] ranking was ranked 58th in 2018 and has since dropped to 68th in 2019.