Nyay Kaushal - E-resource Centre

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 2, 2022, 4:51

Nyay Kaushal is the very first e-resource centre as well as a virtual court directed towards traffic and transportation to provide swift justice for litigants. Termed 'Nyay Kaushal,' the e-resource centre is established in Nagpur by the Chief Justice of India- S.A. Bobde, and the Supreme Court Justice- D.Y. Chandrachud.

Nyay Kaushal E-resource Centre Significance

The most serious issue that arose as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic was the mere access to justice. It became severely dependent on accessibility. It further resulted in an unforeseen disparity between those who could access technology and those that couldn't.

Not only that but activists that we're unable to use the technology we're forced to discontinue their practice and begin peddling vegetables.

Consequently, on the 31st of October in the year 2020, the very first e-resource centre, known as Nyay Kaushal was established at the Judicial Office Training Institute, which is located in Nagpur.

Objective of Nyay Kaushal

  • It is intended to be a step toward reducing numerous inequities, as it is linked to the High Courts, Supreme Court, and Taluka Courts.
  • By utilizing technology, people will have access to the simplest method of filing court proceedings. It will assist in saving time, avoiding exertion, commuting large distances, and cutting costs.
  • The judicial process will not suffer as a result of the use of virtual courts, and the very rule of law will be preserved.
  • Furthermore, The virtual court, namely Nyay Kausha, can handle all transportation challan cases from Maharashtra's entire state online.
  • The litigants, moreover, will be capable of paying the fine and have the traffic challan case dismissed at the push of a button on a computer or a smartphone.
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Important Facts of Nyay Kaushal

  • With around 27,00,000 challans acquired by the virtual courts, and over 19.8 crores gathered by the government digitally, Delhi was the very first state in India to launch virtual traffic courts.
  • E-court websites registered 47,65,000 cases, along with e-filing facilities accessible in three High Court Benches, 17 High Courts, and several district courts.
  • Around 202.35 crore transactions have already been registered from e-court websites until today, and the total amount of emails delivered to lawyers and plaintiffs in 2020 is expected to be around 4.84 crore emails.

By integrating technology, Nyay Kaushal will offer the simplest most efficient method of filing court affairs.

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FAQs on Nyay Kaushal

Q.1. Who Inaugurated the Nyay Kaushal e-resource centre?

Justice DY Chandrachud and Arvind Bobde inaugurated the Nyay Kaushal e-resource centre. It is known as India's very first e-resource centre, allowing for e - filing of distinguishing cases in the High Court, Supreme Court, and district level courts across the nation. It is aimed to be a measure to reduce various disparities.

Q.2. What is Nyay Kaushal?

Nyay Kaushal is recognized as the first and newest e-resource centre in India, facilitating e - filing of lawsuits in the nation's Supreme Court, district courts, and High Courts. The digital court will be based in Katol, located in the Nagpur district.

Q.3. When was the Nyay Kaushal e-resource centre inaugurated?

Nyay Kaushal was inaugurated on the 31st of October, 2020.

Q.4. What is the need for Nyay Kaushal?

The need for Nyay Kaushal, The most pressing problem that emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic was the primary access to justice. This very factor started significantly depending on technology. Thus, the e-resource centre is directed toward people who don't have enough access to technology. It is required so that India's justice system does not suffer greatly use and the rule of law is preserved simply with the use of technology.

Q.5. What does Nyay Kaushal work towards?

Nyay Kaushal works towards offering access to the e-filing of cases for swift justice.