One Ocean Summit

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 2, 2022, 5:19

One Ocean Summit was launched to raise awareness of the marine challenges internationally. They aim to take initiatives to combat illegal fishing, reduce plastic pollution, decarbonise shipping, strengthen high-seas governance, and encourage and coordinate international scientific research.

The first edition of the One Ocean Summit took place in June 2017 in New York. The government of Fiji and Sweden hosted the conference. With the overall increase in pollution and global warming, the health of the oceans is often neglected. One Ocean Summit aims to change that and bring about a global change to help marine life.

Importance of Oceans

  • 70% of our planet is covered in ocean, and yet it is often neglected and not taken care of
  • Oceans are one of the primary regulators of climate, food chain, and the whole environmental ecosystem.
  • It is also a crucial link between continents around the world.
  • Overexploitation of marine resources, increase in the rate of climate change, and pollution has posed serious threats to ocean life.
  • To ensure our oceans are protected from the greed of mankind, the international community has come together to mobilise support and take tangible actions. Such important discussions take place at the World Ocean Summit.
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Overview of One Ocean Summit 2022

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, hosted the One Ocean Summit from February 9th to 11th, 2022, in Brest, France.

The aim was to mobilise the international community of leaders and encourage them to take severe measures to reduce the adverse effects of human greed on the ocean.

The summit was organised in corporation with World Bank and United Nations.

About 30 World Leaders from countries like South Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan attended the summit in Brest.

The main goal of the Summit is to spread awareness about the international marine issue and encourage each country to form policies or take actions to protect the ocean.

Issues like reducing plastic pollution, illegal fishing and decarbonising shipping are some of the primary issues discussed in the One Ocean Summit.

Priorities of One Ocean Summit

The Leaders present at the One Ocean Summit have listed certain areas that need to be immediately prioritised to protect our oceans. Some of these initiatives are -

  • Create new protected areas to safeguard the biodiversity of marine ecosystems
  • unify all current forces present to adapt the responses to the effects of climate change with the help of the creation of a new Green Marine Europe Label
  • End plastic pollution by investing in sanitation and waste treatment on every continent, transitioning towards a circular economy that targets recycling or reusing 100% of plastic material, and renouncing single-uses.
  • Combat illegal fishing with the aid of new ratified documents and promote sustainable fishing to protect ocean reserves.

During the three days of the One Ocean Summit, experienced and talented ocean specialists presented various tangible actions that can be taken to save and replenish marine ecosystems.

It is high time that world leaders hold their capitalist economies responsible for the severe causes they have caused to the Oceans. While the past can’t be undone, one can take preventive and precautionary steps to protect the Oceans. And one way to go about it is with things like the One Ocean Summit.

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FAQs on One Ocean Summit

Q.1. What did UNESCO announce at the One Ocean Summit held in Brest?

In the One Ocean Summit, UNESCO has announced that it will map at least 80% of the seabed by the end of 2030

Q.2. What is India’s stance at the One Ocean Summit?

Historically, India has been taking steps to clean and protect its rivers. At the One Ocean Summit, India is joining France to eliminate single-use plastic.

Q.3. Name two other initiatives similar to the One Ocean Summit

The United Nations Ocean Conference and GloLiteer Partnerships Project are two initiatives similar to the One Ocean Summit.

Q.4. When is World Ocean Day which is similar to the One Ocean Summit?

World Ocean Day is similar to One Ocean Summit as they are two global initiatives undertaken to protect the oceans. It is celebrated every year on June 8th.

Q.5. What are the few primary issues discussed in the One Ocean Summit?

Reducing plastic pollution, illegal fishing and decarbonising shipping are some of the primary issues discussed in the One Ocean Summit.