Mansar Lake Project

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 21, 2022, 11:19

The Indian government is working towards enhancing and improving the country's natural landscapes. The two benefits achieved from these initiatives include protecting and conserving the country's natural wealth and developing them as tourist attractions. One of the most recent locations being developed is Mansar lake in Jammu and Kashmir. Read Mansar Lake Project -

Mansar Lake Project - Overview

Mansar lake is one of the beautiful lakes located around 37km away from the main city of Jammu. The semi-oval lake is around 680m wide and 37.8m deep. The beauty of Mansar lake is often compared with the Mansarovar lake located in Tibet. Mansar lake is home to several varieties of waterfowl, fish, and aqua fauna. The place is an abode to several holy shrines, including the Umapati Mahadev temple, Durga temple, Sheshnag temple, and the Narsimha temple.

The Mansar Lake Project aims at attracting 20 lakh tourists in a year. The region would also have its first Biotech Industrial Park and a seed-processing plant. These developments and the conservation of the lake will increase revenue generation for J&K.

Importance of Mansar Lake Project

  • Mansar lake is a part of the twin lakes referred to as Surinsar- Mansar lakes.
  • The lake is a part of the Ramsar site.
  • Mansar lake is known for its “Food and Crafts Festival” organized by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism.
  • The majority of newlyweds visit Mansar lake to appreciate the divine beauty and seek blessings in the holy shrines. Mansar lake is also a popular tourist spot and is a source of employment for several vendors, shopkeepers, drivers, and hotel owners.
  • The place is surrounded by dense forests and mountains, which are home to several species of flora and fauna.
  • Mansar lake is the destination for nature lovers and bird watchers from around the world. The Mansar Lake Project will include a birds gallery to enhance the experience of bird watchers.
  • Mansar lake is a unique spot that signifies beauty, culture, and tradition.
  • The Mansar Lake Project would increase the tourist footfall and help conserve the natural space and the heritage of Dogra.
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Mansar Lake Project Development Plan


Mansar Lake Project Development

Located in


Project Inaugurated on

1st November 2020

Inaugurated by

Shri Jitendra Singh


To attract more than 20 lakh tourists in a year

Expected Revenue Generation

Rs 800 Crores per year

Contribution to the Project

7 percent GDP of J&K


Mansar Lake Project development would employ around 1.15 crore person-days

Development Initiatives

Water sports attraction

Development of birds gallery for bird watchers

Renovation and preservation of the haveli around the lake

Boosting the culture and traditions of Dogra heritage

Conservation of natural infrastructure is of prime importance. Lakes, forests, grasslands, and wetlands are home to many animal and plant species. Mansar Lake Project aims at increasing tourist footfall and revenue generation for Jammu and Kashmir. Through this project, many people would earn a living. Mansar Lake Project will contribute 7 percent of the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir.

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FAQs on Mansar Lake Project

Q.1. What are the developments proposed under the Mansar Lake Project?

Several developments are proposed under the Mansar Lake Project, including a water sports attraction, the development of a birds gallery, and the renovation of the haveli.

Q.2. What is the expected revenue that will be generated from the Mansar Lake Project?

The expected revenue generated from the Mansar Lake Project is around INR 800 crores per year.

Q.3. Who inaugurated the Mansar Lake Project?

Union Minister Shri Jitendra Singh inaugurated the Mansar Lake Project.

Q.4. When was the Mansar Lake Project inaugurated?

The Mansar Lake Project was inaugurated on 1st November 2020.

Q.5. Where is Mansar Lake Project located?

Mansar Lake Project is located 37km away from the main city of Jammu.