International Day of Friendship

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 21, 2022, 8:25

Humans have an innate ability to make new friends. Today's world faces numerous challenges related to discrimination, distrust, cultural bias, maltreatment, and miscommunication. Amid this chaos, friendship is a breath of fresh air. It provides an escape from problems while also assisting in searching for solutions. Friendship, compassion, unity, peace, and happiness are promoted on International Friendship Day.

History of International Day of Friendship

The World Friendship Day date of celebration is July 30. Friendship day reminds us of Hallmark greeting cards, meeting with friends, and exchanging gifts and happy moments. This is how it started in the early 1930s. However, the idea of celebrating World Friendship Day was first proposed and promoted by the World Friendship Crusade on July 30, 1958. In 1998, the wife of the UN Secretary, Nane Annan, declared Winnie the Pooh, the world ambassador for friendship in the United Nations.

After several years, the United Nations declared July 30 as the date for the celebration of International Friendship Day to honour the special bond of friendship. The idea of celebrating the International Day of Friendship was to unite people, countries, and cultures who can together inspire others to spread peace and happiness.

International Day of Friendship Aim

Today, World Friendship Day has found a deeper meaning and a broader aim of mitigating hate and mistrust. The day aims to spread awareness and promote peace around the world. International Day of Friendship aims to -

  • Enhance peace and harmony across the world
  • Appreciate unique friendships among people
  • Encourage friendships that are not restricted in the name of age, culture, gender, colour, or background
  • Enhance the feeling of oneness and equality among people
  • Promote respect, tolerance, and understanding

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Significance of International Day of Friendship

The International Day of Friendship signifies the bond between friends and the characteristics of selflessness, tolerance, and acceptance. Through the International Day of Friendship, the United Nations aimed to evoke the feeling of peace, acceptance, and tolerance between countries. This effort can bridge the gaps between countries and work out solutions for different problems.

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International Day of Friendship Themes

World Friendship Day is celebrated by millions of people worldwide. They express their love for their friends through several gestures and activities. Some of the gestures involved in celebrating World Friendship Day include -

  • Phoning, meeting, and sharing warm wishes with friends
  • Sending Friendship Day emails, texts, and cards
  • Sharing meals
  • Sending flowers, chocolates, and gifts to friends
  • Exchanging friendship bands and bracelets
  • Exchanging letters with PenPals
  • Reading books on friendship
  • Participating in meetings, activities, and community events that promote friendship
  • Sharing social media posts on friendship

Quick Facts About International Day of Friendship

  • World Friendship Day is one of the most famous and celebrated days worldwide.
  • The International Day of Friendship was first celebrated in Paraguay in 1958 and was proposed by Dr Artemio Bracho.
  • The idea of celebrating World Friendship Day came from Hallmark, which was a popular greeting card company. The date proposed by the company was 2nd August. However, this day did not gain popularity as people found it a deliberate move to earn profits.
  • On the 10th Anniversary of the International Day of Friendship, the Beatles released the song "with a little help from my friends" dedicated to friends and friendship.
  • Nane Annan, wife of the UN Secretary-General named the cartoon character, Winnie the Pooh, as the friendship ambassador.

We all have friends, and we cherish their friendship. International Friendship Day celebrates this bond. Further, the day aims to enhance peace and happiness. The world is encouraged to celebrate International Friendship Day in communities and schools. Celebration of this day has positively impacted people and young children with respect to building relationships, developing caring behaviours, and respecting people despite different cultures, ages, gender, or preferences.

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FAQs on International Friendship Day

Q.1. Who was the first to propose International Friendship Day?

The international civic organization, World Friendship Crusade, was the first to propose International Friendship Day in 1958.

Q.2. Who declared the celebration of International Friendship Day?

The United Nations declared the celebration day of International Friendship Day.

Q.3. Which International Friendship Day Date?

July 30 was declared International Friendship Day by the United Nations in 2011.

Q.4. What is the aim of celebrating International Friendship Day?

The aim of celebrating International Friendship Day is to promote peace, happiness, and respect through friendship.

Q.5. Is International Friendship Day celebrated everywhere on July 30?

A few countries like Bangladesh, South America, India, and Malaysia choose the first Sunday of August as International Friendship Day.