International Day for Tolerance [16th November]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Nov 15, 2022, 12:11

International Day of Tolerance is celebrated every year on 16th November to highlight the importance of tolerance in the world. This day was founded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote tolerance as a means of peacekeeping in the world. International Day of Tolerance is celebrated around to world to share the message of being tolerant towards others.

Several countries worldwide observe the International Day of Tolerance to send a message of peace and harmony. Find more information about the theme, history and significance of this day here.

International Day of Tolerance 2022

International Day of Tolerance is not just about tolerance but also about acceptance and appreciation of other global cultures. The world is diverse by nature, and people of different ethnicities and cultures enrich our lives. However, intolerance is on the rise in many societies. Therefore, UNESCO has proclaimed 16th November as International Day for Tolerance to encourage the coexistence and survival of mixed communities across the world.

A number of activities and events are held on Tolerance Day to help people gain an insight into each other’s cultures and become a part of it. Here is some more information about this day:


International Day of Tolerance


16th November



Year of Establishment



To promote peace and tolerance among all the countries of the world.

International Day of Tolerance 2022 Theme

International Day of Tolerance is observed all around the world, yet no particular theme is set for the day. The general theme for this day revolves around encouraging people to view tolerance as a tool to bind the world together. The International Day of Tolerance 2022 would also be to respect, accept, and appreciate the rich diversity of our global cultures, arts, forms of expression, etc.

Each year, Tolerance Day is celebrated to educate and encourage people to look beyond differences and enjoy the experience of being human and sharing a planet together. This day is a great reminder of the fact that without partnerships, human progress would not be possible.

History of International Day for Tolerance

On 16th November 1995, UNESCO adopted the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance for all governing and participating bodies of member states. This is how the International Day of Tolerance came into existence. The declaration promotes acceptance, appreciation, and respect toward the world's diverse cultures. It also declares that tolerance is neither indifference nor indulgence, and the survival of mixed global communities is only possible through tolerance.

To commemorate UNESCO's declaration in 1996, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 51/95 to observe International Day for Tolerance on 16th November to spread awareness about intolerance.

Significance of International Day of Tolerance

In today's globalized world, tolerance is needed in all spheres of life to live peacefully. Here are some tolerance examples:

  • Respect and promote universal human rights and fundamental freedom of diverse cultures and people.
  • Allow people of different religions and races to live and work together.
  • Initiate dialogue between people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Hear out other people's views, feelings, beliefs, preferences, etc., even if they are entirely different from ours.

How to Celebrate International Day of Tolerance

International Day for Tolerance helps to counter feelings of intolerance in society by spreading a message of peace. Here are some ideas on how to observe this day:

  • Educate people about tolerance, human rights, etc.
  • Eliminate the fear of other religions or nations.
  • Provide access to information about diverse groups to avoid exaggerated pride in one's religion and culture.
  • Enhance individual awareness to avoid individual expressions of intolerance such as stereotyping, bigotry, insults, racial jokes, and stigmatizing.
  • Provide local solutions for punishing hatemongers, hate crimes, or acts of discrimination against individuals.

On Tolerance Day, we can also ask ourselves questions like the following:

  • Am I a tolerant person who does not stereotype people?
  • Do I reject people who belong to different religions or cultural backgrounds?
  • Do I blame my problems on people of different races, religions, sex, nationalities, or colour?

UNESCO Prize for International Day of Tolerance

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth and honour the United Nations Year for Tolerance, UNESCO established a prize in the year 1995 to promote non-violence. The UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Intolerance and Non-Violence is awarded every two years on International Day of Tolerance to individuals or institutions involved in significant activities in the field of Science, Arts, Culture, or Communication that promote the spirit of tolerance and non-violence. The winner has been rewarded a sum of US$ 100,000.

The world that we live in today will be more globalized in the future. To establish a rich exchange of ideas and dialogue between people from different communities, the virtue of tolerance is essential. However, tolerance is not the responsibility of governments and institutions alone. Each one of us can do our bit for International Day of Tolerance.

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FAQs on International Day for Tolerance

Q1. When is International Day for Tolerance celebrated?

International Day of Tolerance is celebrated every year on 16th November. UNESCO established the day in 1995, and in the following year, the first International Day of Tolerance was celebrated.

Q2. Why is the International Day for Tolerance important?

International Day for Tolerance helps spread awareness of the dangers of intolerance through events, campaigns, etc., and educates people to be more tolerant. This day is celebrated each year on 16th November.

Q3. What is the International Day of Tolerance 2022 theme?

The theme for International Day of Tolerance is to accept, respect, and appreciate the diversity in the world. Tolerance Day was established by UNESCO in 2006 to encourage tolerance among world countries.

Q4. How to celebrate International Day for Tolerance?

To celebrate International Day of Tolerance, you can read about different ethnicities and cultures, listen to people from different backgrounds with different viewpoints, educate yourself about organizations and individuals involved in the fight against discrimination, etc.