Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] by ITU

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 30, 2022, 10:38

The Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] is a multi-stakeholder initiative that ensures countries' global cybersecurity commitment.

In addition, the trusted reference facilitates raising cybersecurity awareness and different dimensions of the issue.

Global Cybersecurity Index - India's Rank & Cybersecurity

India underlined its commitment to cybersecurity by securing the 10th position in the Asian Pacific region in 2021. But the question is, how does the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] determine?

It is measured based on five parameters of cybersecurity: organizational measures, legal measures, capacity development, technical measures, and cooperation.

The most critical part of the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] is the company's desire to keep the data, information, and devices safe and protected. GCI holds the utmost significance, especially in today's digital age, where people store massive amounts of data on their phones, desktops, and other Internet-accessible devices.

Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] Key Highlights

The USA topped the list of the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] for 2021, followed by the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, and Korea in the index.

The ranking list of the GCI launched on 29th June 2021. The last ranking in the list of Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] 2021 in Yemen. Vatican, Dem. People's Rep. Of Korea, Micronesia, and Equatorial Guinea are the worst performers who gave a feeble commitment to cybersecurity globally.

Out of all the countries in the world, Denmark is considered to have the most substantial cybersecurity structure. The government is doing pretty well on the cybersecurity exposure index by fetching 8.91 as a cybersecurity score.

China is considered to have the most powerful cyber defence power, followed by the Netherlands, France, Canada, Israel, and the United States. Russia is described as the biggest cyber security short term threat. However, some experts also suggested that China can prove to be more hazardous and threatening in the long run.

India was among the top 3 nations which experienced perilous server access and ransomware attacks during the pandemic.

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Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] - Region-Wise Top Countries

Region-Wise Top Ranking Countries

AmericaUnited States of America100
Arab StatesSaudi Arabia99.54
Asia-PacificKorea (Rep. of)98.52
Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)Russian Federation98.06
EuropeUnited Kingdom99.54

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Challenges to Cybersecurity in India

The company employees face a major setback when the organization shifts them to a remote working environment in a short span.

Deploying cybersecurity tools reinforces a complex security environment that is utterly prone to human error. India is vulnerable to cyberattacks as it lacks indigenization in software and hardware cybersecurity tools.

India was ranked 10th in the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] for 2020 by scoring 97.5 points out of 100. However, based on the past few years' performances, India is witnessing consistent growth on all five parameters leading to improvement in the GCI ranking.

The Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] protects all categories of data, including protected health information, personally identifiable information, government & industry information systems, and personal information; from damage to theft.

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FAQs on Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI]

Q1. Who releases the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI]?

The Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] is analyzed and published by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), which is a specialized agency of the UN that constantly raises cybersecurity awareness globally and measures the commitment of all its member countries.

Q2. How many countries are a part of the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI]?

The total number of countries part of the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] is 194.

Q3. How did India manage to break into the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] list of the top 10 countries in the world?

India is an emerging IT superpower in Asia and has established its digital footprints globally. It asserts its digital sovereignty with robust actions to ensure data privacy and protect online citizens' rights. Furthermore, Indian startups grew from $740 million in 2019, making India rank 10th on the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] list.

Q4. What makes Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] Indispensable?

Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] encompasses everything from keeping your data/information safe to protect it from cyber attackers who want to steal the information and misuse it substantially.