G2G Examples

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 30, 2022, 12:26

The G2G transaction translates to the electronic sharing of any data and system of information between departments or government agencies. There are several G2G Examples that you must consider while preparing for your exams. The primary mission of G2G transactions is to bring about an improvement in the way data is accessed, and data exchange takes place in the case of several government projects.

Significance of G2G

Municipal and federal governments are implementing G2G projects for various reasons. Federal government law, such as the Open Government Directive, is one of the themes. Budgets and resources are also driving G2G efforts.

Governments can cut IT expenses by sharing information and systems, and government offices can be more efficient and streamline operations, allowing residents to access information over the Internet. Depending on the project, they may also be eligible for grant funding.

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G2G Examples

Bhoomi Project: Online Delivery of Land Records

Bhoomi is a self-sustaining e-Government project that automates the transmission of 20 million rural land records to Karnataka's 6.7 million farmers. The Karnataka State Government took up and developed the 'Bhoomi' project. It was done so to computerise all of Karnataka's land records. However, the initiative was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development of the Government of India and the State Government of Karnataka.

KHAJANE: Automation of Government Treasury System

This initiative was launched by the State Government of Karnataka and is one of the best G2G Examples. It was put in place primarily to address systemic flaws in the manual treasury system and improve public finances management. It is the country's first project, with the complete range of Treasury activities being computerised.

This is the only project in which the whole activity can be tracked in the system from the moment the State Budget is approved until the time the accounts are rendered to the Government. It has enhanced financial controls and encouraged accountability by automating operations and internal controls, resulting in high cost and efficiency savings.

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e-Seva, Andhra Pradesh

The project was designed to provide people with the services of e-business to all the citizens. It allowed citizens to get all the necessary information by reaching out to any government office and receiving the information online. The concept has gained a lot of traction among citizens, especially when paying utility bills.


The Ministry of Law and Justice's Department of Justice launched it. The Mission Mode Project (MMP) attempts to improve the delivery of court services to individuals by employing technology. It is one of the best G2G Examples as it is an attempt toward empowering different wings of the Government and giving citizens a way to fast track hearing of their pending cases.

There are several G2G Examples that you must consider while you prepare for your exams. The Government has taken several G2G Initiatives to build an economy that self sustains, and hence it becomes essential to know about these initiatives.

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FAQs on G2G Examples

Q.1. What are the most common G2G Examples?

The most common G2G Examples are the Bhoomi Project and KHAJANE.

Q.2. Why is the KHAJANE project famous among all the G2G Examples?

KHAJANE is popular as it was one of the initial G2G initiatives to come into existence, and it aimed at eliminating systemic deficiencies.

Q.3. Why are G2G Examples important?

Within the system, several decisions must be made. These processes could be made more efficient by government-to-government initiatives. This could include data and information interchange between government entities, both inter and intra.

Q.4. How are G2G Examples different from G2B?

In G2G, the information gets transmitted between two government organisations, but in the case of G2B, the information is transferred between Government and a business.

Q.5. What is the most critical aspect of the G2G example of Andhra Pradesh?

Building capacity is crucial for the Andhra Pradesh Smart Government initiative.