Ecomark - Bureau of Indian Standards [BIS]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 4, 2022, 12:36

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is widely known for setting the standard for goods in the country. Some products in India do not degrade the environment. To mark such products, the Bureau of Indian Standards [BIS] came up with the Ecomark label. A resolution issued in 1991 led to the idea of an Ecomark label. The Ministry of Environment and Forests issued this label to products that meet the environmental criteria of BIS.

Ecomark label - Overview

Ecomark label is offered to products that are environment friendly in India. It is a certification mark offered to products in around 16 categories. Some product categories for which the Ecomark label is offered are medicines, food, packaging materials, lubricants, and paper. Companies that attain Ecomark certification for their products reflect on the conservation of the environment. Read on to know more about the Ecomark offered by the BIS.

Objectives of the Ecomark Scheme

The Ecomark label scheme is a step towards the sustainable use of resources on the Earth. The objectives of the Ecomark scheme launched by the government are as follows:

  1. This scheme helped the government identify manufacturers/importers that offer eco-friendly products. The deserving manufacturers/importers can then be offered an incentive for saving the environment.
  2. Companies that take initiatives to reduce the adverse effects on the environment are rewarded under the Ecomark label scheme.
  3. The Ecomark label scheme helps customers to identify eco-friendly products. The government encourages customers to consider environmental factors before buying something. Environmental awareness is also spread via the Ecomark label scheme.
  4. When the products don't degrade the environment, natural resources can be sustained for future generations.
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Ecomark Certification for Product

There is a process for getting the Ecomark certification for a product. Producers and importers will have to apply for Ecomark testing. After successfully passing the test, the Ecomark label is issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards. After you apply for the Ecomark label, BIS will conduct the testing and certification process. BIS offers the Ecomark label to a product only for a fixed period. After a fixed period, one has to re-apply for the renewal of the Ecomark label. If any product is found to be misleading, BIS can reject the Ecomark certifications anytime. BIS can also withdraw the Ecomark certification for any other valid reason.

Criteria for Ecomark certification from BIS

Any product is judged on the following environmental effects for Ecomark certification:


Ecomark products contribute less to pollution than similar products. The pollution effect is calculated based on the usage, disposal, and production of any product.

Products made from biodegradable raw materials are considered for the Ecomark label.

Products that contribute to the preservation of non-renewable resources are considered for the Ecomark label.

Products with Ecomark labels focus on decreasing the primary impact associated with the product category.

Ecomark certification has been issued to many products by the Bureau of Indian Standards. As a customer, you can identify the eco-friendly products in the market with an Ecomark.

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FAQs on Ecomark

Q.1. Is energy conservation during production considered for an Ecomark certification?

Products that consume less energy for production are considered for an Ecomark certification.

Q.2. Who conducts the Ecomark testing?

The Ecomark testing is conducted by the Bureau of Indian Standards [BIS].

Q.3. Can Ecomark certification be withdrawn by BIS?

Bureau of Indian Standards [BIS] can withdraw Ecomark certification if any misleading information is detected.

Q.4. Can anyone apply for an Ecomark label?

Manufacturers and importers across the country can apply for the Ecomark certification. Upon your application, the Bureau of Indian Standards [BIS] will conduct Ecomark testing.