Eco Bridges in India

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 27, 2022, 12:29

Eco bridges are of great significance for the sole purpose of being built to enhance wildlife connectivity that otherwise gets disturbed due to logging and construction works such as the building of highways. 

Eco Bridges in India Significance

Eco Bridges in India or eco ducts include canopy bridges, concrete underpass or overpass tunnels or viaducts, amphibian tunnels or culverts. Such bridges have become a necessity as many road kills are found whenever highway construction. These types of Eco Bridges can act as a natural animal pathway to avoid disrupting their natural co-habitation. The size and location of the Eco Bridges in India are the two primary considerations taken into account while planning to build them. The Eco Bridges in India are built according to the movement pattern of animals in the surroundings.

It is also important to note the type of disturbance, nature of the topography, curvature, and road length to build the ideal eco bridge. These bridges also act as awareness-building mechanisms.

Why are Eco Bridges in India Necessary?

According to the 2020 study of the Wildlife Institute of India, almost 50000 km of road projects are under planning for construction over the next 5 to 6 years. Also, many two lanes have been upgraded to four lanes.

Three major sites have been identified by the National Tiger Conservation Authority that are cutting natural animal corridors. Thus, the need for Eco Bridges in India has grown higher and calls for planned activities in that direction.

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Some Success With Eco Bridges in India

Eco Bridges in India have been built successfully with amazing results. Like, the Eco Bridge of canopy style was built for Nilgiri Langurs, and lion-tailed macaques in the Annamalai hill in Tamil Nadu. 6 bridges along a stretch of 3 km were built to help arboreal animals move freely without the risk of being run over. This was built by Divya Mudappa, a Senior Scientist at the Nature Conservation Foundation.

Apart from this, according to the observation of Bilal Habib’s teams on the NH 44, there are four minor bridges and five underpasses Kanha-Pench and Pench-Navegaon-Nagzira corridors in various sections. The team captured nearly 18 types of species using these underpasses for their undisturbed movement.

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Some Upcoming Eco Bridges in India

  1. As a part of animal conservation efforts, the largest Eco Bridges in India are being built along the Maharashtra- Madhya Pradesh Border. These Eco Bridges in India will be 1.4 km long.
  2. Some other proposals for Eco Bridges in India include one at the Chennai-Bangalore Highway and the Hosur-Krishnagiri Segment. It is close to the reserve forest to facilitate elephant crossing.
  3. Another upcoming Eco Bridges in India, as per proposals, is the one at the Tadoba-Andheri Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.
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FAQs on Eco Bridges in India

Q.1. In the context of Eco Bridges in India, which is the first Eco Bridges in India?

Ans. The first Eco Bridges in India are built in Uttrakhand in the Ramnagar Forest division across the important Kaladhungi-Nainital highway.

Q.2. In terms of Eco Bridges in India, which State will have the first Eco Bridges in India for the movement of tigers?

Ans. The first Eco Bridges in India for the movement of tigers will be built in the Telangana State.

Q.3. What is the importance of Eco Bridges India?

Ans. The various developmental projects that aim to provide the various places with better road connectivity will intensify in the coming years. The laying of roads poses a danger of cutting the natural animal corridors surrounding the construction sites. Hence, Eco Bridges in India are of great importance.

Q.4. What are the types of Eco Bridges in India?

Ans. Eco bridges are of different types. They are:-

  1. canopy
  2. concrete underpass or overpass tunnels or viaducts and
  3. amphibian tunnel or culvert

Q.5. In the context of Eco Bridges in India, are eco bridges and eco ducts the same?

In the context of Eco Bridges in India, Eco Ducts is the other name of eco bridges and means the same. They refer to the same type of wildlife crossing.