Citizen Centric Administration

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 19, 2022, 6:04

Citizen Centric Administration means giving an important place to the citizens at the centre of modern public administration, which can be achieved through a clear, well-organized, and steady address to citizens' concerns in the governance systems. This can be easily achieved through vigorous legal plans and strategies. It is the essence of any flamboyant democracy and is indistinguishably related to efficient governance. When we talk about good governance, we mean development in all categories and classes of citizens through Citizen-Centric Administration.

Citizen Centric Administration History

Looking back into history, it is evident that Chanakya, in his treatise, Arthashashtra, has mentioned the importance of a good administrator quality elaborately. The importance and welfare of citizens are of utmost priority of good governance. Certain attributes to a Citizen Centric Administration as administered by the Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) should be:

  • Harmonious and well synchronized.
  • No tolerance strategy.
  • Accountable and transparent so that everything is crystal clear.
  • Abide by the rules and active participation.
  • Responsive, productive and well-organized.
  • Impartial and all-encompassing ethics in governance.
  • Reformation in civil services.
  • Decentralization.
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Citizen Centric Administration Objective

Irrespective of caste, creed, and gender, the Citizen Centric Administration should aim to provide full development to make optimum utilization of human resources and potentials.

Dependent on the four pillars of strength, strong to the core, good governance rests on Philosophies, Integrities, Impartiality, and Efficiency, which articulates the vision of good governance and Citizen Centric Administration. The following are some of the important measures that good governance should count on for the welfare of citizens

  1. Master-minding strategies and processes to make Governance Citizen-Centric.
  2. Implementation of most suitable Up-to-the-minute Technology.
  3. Right to Statistics and pieces of evidence.
  4. Citizens Charters mainly aims at making public services Citizen-Centric.
  5. Independent Evaluation of Services to maintain transparency.
  6. Complaint reparation and restoration principles and tools to keep up the quality of governance.
  7. Active Citizens Participation – Public-Private Partnerships.

When the government truly endeavours to function efficiently even at lower levels, it should be righteously empowered and monitored regularly. The idea of good governance and Citizen Centric Administration are intimately connected and solely keep citizen welfare in priority. Good governance should consider the attitude problems of civil servants to prevent them from behaving self-obsessively and lacking a sense of responsibility, rendering inappropriate disciplinary acts. At the same time, ensure government officials abide by the rules and strategies set for Citizen Centric Administration.

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FAQs on Citizen Centric Administration

Q1. What do you mean by Citizen Centric Administration?

Citizen Centric Administration means placing citizens at the centre of modern public administration by addressing the important concerns of citizens.

Q2. Which government body deals with Citizen Centric Administration?

The Administrative Reforms Commission extensively deals with Citizen-Centric Administration.

Q3. Who is the chairperson of the 2nd ARC which deals with Citizen Centric Administration?

Veerappa Moily is the chairperson of the 2nd ARC which deals with Citizen Centric Administration.

Q4. What is the main aim of Citizen Centric Administration?

The main motive of Citizen-Centric Administration is to ensure the development and welfare of citizens to their full potential and their active participation in administrative and decision making.