BSF Raising Day [1st December, 2022]

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Updated : Dec 14, 2022, 12:11

BSF Raising Day is an important occasion observed every 1st December to honor the Border Security Force (BSF) in India. Formed in 1965, the primary role of the BSF lies in securing the borders of India shared with Bangladesh and Pakistan.BSF Raising Day was first celebrated on 1st December 1965.

India will celebrate the 58th BSF Raising Day on 1st December 2022. Here, we have shared information about the history and significance of BSF Day.

BSF Raising Day - Overview

BSF Raising Day is an occasion to highlight the contribution of the Border Security Force of India in safeguarding the nation. BSF is responsible for protecting sovereignty and integrity along the Indo-Bangladesh and Indo-Pakistan borders. BSF Day commemorates the day when the BSF was first raised to fight the Indo-Pakistan war in 1965.

One of the highlights of BSF Raising Day is the annual parade in which the BSF soldiers march.

Every Indian beams with pride on this day and promises to do their best to protect the interests of the nation. Here is an overview of BSF Day


BSF Raising Day


1st December (every year)




To honor and highlight the contribution of the Border Security Force of India.

BSF Day - About BSF

BSF or Border Security Force is a part of the seven Central Armed Police Forces and is responsible for the important task of guarding the country’s borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh. Every year, BSF Raising Day is celebrated on 1st December, when this special task force was officially raised.

Classified as a paramilitary organisation, the BSF is on par with Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) and comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). BSF is headed by an IPS officer holding the rank of DG. BSF is also the sole paramilitary organisation globally to use an active camel cavalry to patrol the sands of the Thar desert, which comprise the common border between India and Pakistan.

Besides, they play a crucial role in foiling cross border violations using UAVs. BSF has a clinical record in multi-role operations, maintaining internal law and order and curbing terrorism. Working 24*7 under hostile conditions, this BSF Raising Day let us salute India's First Line of defence.

Facts About BSF

  • On BSF Raising Day, personnel roll across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and pledge to secure the LoC from rogue elements trying to infiltrate along the borders.
  • The BSF operates in West Bengal, Meghalaya, Assam, Mizoram, and Tripura along the Indo-Bangladesh border. And also on the Indo-Pakistan LoC. The jurisdictions of BSF empower them to act within 50 km of the international border in these regions.
  • BSF also has an anti-Naxal HQ in Bangalore. It provides oversight to the various battalions dedicated to fighting Naxalites in the red corridor region.
  • The BSF has played an exemplary role in counter-Naxalite and counter-insurgency operations over the last 4-decades.
  • It also tackled counter-insurgency in the Seven Sisters states and played a vital role in eliminating anti-national elements across India.

History of BSF Raising Day

The history of BSF Raising Day can be traced back to 1st December 1965, when the BSF was raised as a special force for the Ido-Pakistan war. Since its raising, the contribution of BSF to national security has had a rich legacy. Here is more information about the history of BSF Day -

  • In 1965, the third Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri announced that a special security force shall be formed to safeguard national borders.
  • Khusro Faramurz Rustamji was delegated the task of selecting the officers and soldiers working in the police, army, navy, and air force for creating the Border Security Force.
  • After the Indo-Pak war, the BSF played a crucial role during the 1990 Jammu and Kashmir insurgency by limiting its spread to the neighbouring states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

Significance of BSF Raising Day

On BSF Raising Day, it's crucial to remember that the future of our border guards lies in modernising the entire force, providing better working conditions, and fortifying border outposts to minimise enemy damage. BSF Raising Day is celebrated on 1st December every year to honor the organization’s contribution to securing our nation. Here is why BSF is considered so significant -

  • It is concerned with ensuring border security.
  • It curbs illegal smuggling (cows and drugs).
  • It is responsible for checking infiltration.
  • BSF is responsible for imparting peace amongst border folks.
  • Conducting cross-border raids (common along LoC)
  • Responsible for law and order when assigned to electoral roles or security duties anywhere across India.

BSF Raising Day Parade

BSF Raising Day is observed with much enthusiasm throughout the nation. Many different programs and events are held on this day, such as follows -

  • On BSF Raising Day, the soldiers who have attained Veer Gati while fighting for the nation are remembered and revered.
  • Besides holding cultural functions, the BSF DIG announced the distinguished gallantry awards for those whose outstanding bravery keeps the nation safe throughout.
  • An annual BSF Raising Day parade is held every year, in which the BSF soldiers march proudly.
  • The national flag is also hoisted on this day to mark this occasion.

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FAQs on BSF Raising Day

Q.1. What is BSF Raising Day?

BSF Raising Day is a day observed to honor the Border Security Force of India, which guards the country’s national borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh. BSF Raising Day came into existence on 1st December 1965, when the organization was officially raised by the then Prime Minister of India.

Q2. When is BSF Raising Day celebrated?

BSF Raising Day is celebrated on 1st December every year in India to mark the day of the official establishment of the Border Security Force. The Border Security Force was raised in the wake of the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war and the force guards the Indo-Pak and Indo-Bangladesh borders to this day.

Q3. When was BSF established?

BSF was established on 1st December 1965, in the wake of the Indo-Pakistan war. This special task force was formed to guard the Indian borders and deal with any unwanted intruders. Every year, 1st December is celebrated as BSF Raising Day. BSF is a part of the seven Central Armed Police Forces of India.

Q.4. How is BSF Raising Day celebrated?

We celebrate BSF Raising Day to mark the commitment of the Border Security Force to protecting the integrity of India. On BSF Raising Day, an annual parade and national flag hoisting ceremony are held. Moreover, brave soldiers are also awarded for their service to the nation on this day.