Bank Holidays in December 2023

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Nov 1, 2023, 7:40

There are many Bank Holidays in December 2023 in India. December is the 12th month of the Gregorian calendar, and being the last month of the year, it marks the end and beginning of several occasions. There are many Bank Holidays in December for private as well as public sector banks. To avoid inconvenience, one should take a note of these holidays and plan their visit to the bank in the month of December accordingly.

List of Bank Holidays in December 2023

The second and fourth Saturdays are the two Bank Holidays in December 2023. Although there are other public holidays in the month of December, only the second and fourth Saturdays are the official bank holidays.



Bank Holiday In

10th December 2022

Second Saturday

All States

24th December 2022

Fourth Saturday/ Christmas Day

All States

List of Holidays in December

Here is a list of all the Bank Holidays in December 2023 in various states of India.

Date & Day


Bank Holiday In

01 December 2022, Thursday

Indigenous Faith Day/State Inauguration Day

Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh

03 December 2022, Saturday

Feast of St. Francis Xavier/World Disabled Day

Tripura & Goa

05 December 2022, Monday

Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Jayanti

Jammu and Kashmir

10 December 2022, Saturday

Second Saturday

All States

12 December 2022, Monday

Pa Togan Nengminza Sangma


18 December 2022, Sunday

Guru Ghasidas Jayanti/Death Anniversary of U Soso Tham

Chandigarh, Meghalaya

19 December 2022, Monday

Goa Liberation Day


24 December 2022, Saturday

Christmas Eve/Fourth Saturday

All States

25 December 2022, Sunday

Christmas Day

Throughout India

26 December 2022, Monday

Shaheed Udham Singh Jayanti


26 December 2022, Monday

Christmas Holiday

Mizoram, Meghalaya and Telangana

30 December 2022, Friday

U Kiang Nangbah/Tamu Losar

Sikkim & Meghalaya

31 December 2022, Saturday

New Year’s Eve


Bank Holidays in December Month

Here is a list of some of the Bank Holidays 2023 December -

Indigenous Faith Day (01st December)

Indigenous Faith Day is one of the Bank Holidays in December observed to preserve the indigenous cultural element of various local tribes in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. There is a religious fervour attached to these celebrations. On this day, people wear ethnic clothes and functions are held to promote ethnic culture and languages.

Feast of St. Francis Xavier (03rd December)

The Feast of Francis Xavier is celebrated in Goa and Tripura. There is a feast held at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa, where the relics of St. Francis Xavier are held. This holiday is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. The roads leading to the cathedral are decorated, and there are festivities held across the states of Goa and Tripura.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Jayanti (5th December)

On the birth anniversary of the Indian politician Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, 05th December is observed as a Bank Holiday in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Abdullah was the first elected Prime Minister of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and played an important role in the state’s politics.

Pa Togan Nengminza Sangma (12th December)

This occasion is observed in the memory of a giant Garo tribe leader, Togan Sangma, who was also a freedom fighter. He fought against the Britishers in 1872 with other warriors from his tribe. Today, 12th December is observed as a bank holiday in December in the state of Meghalaya.

Guru Ghasidas Jayanti (18th December)

One of the Bank Holidays in December 2022 includes Guru Ghasidas Jayanti. Guru Ghasidas is a prominent figure in Chhatisgarh. He established the Satnam community in the state and is remembered for his contribution. Therefore, his birth day is celebrated as Ghasidas Jayanti in Chhatisgarh.

Death Anniversary of U Soso Tham (18th December)

This day is observed in Meghalaya as a Bank Holiday December 2022. A member of the Khasi tribe from North Eastern India, Soso Tham was a poet, and a translator. He translated Aesop’s Fables, Charles Dicken’s "The Life of Our Lord" and Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in th Khasi language.

Goa Liberation Day (19th December)

Goa Liberation Day is one of the Bank Holidays in December 2022. While the rest of India became independent on 15th August 1947, the Portuguese continued to rule Goa until 1961. After an armed conflict, Goa freed itself from Portuguese rule on 19th December 1961. This day is marked with a combination of solemnity and celebration, as Goan people remember those martyred in the armed struggle for independence but rejoice in their freedom.

Christmas Day (25th December)

Christmas is observed on the birth day of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on 25th December every year and many states in India observe this day as a Bank Holiday in December.

Shaheed Udham Singh Jayanti (26th December)

This day is a Bank Holiday in December. On this day, the people of Punjab and Haryana hold prayer meetings to honour the martyrdom of Shaheed Udham Singh. He laid down his life after assassinating Lt. Gen. Michael O'Dwyer to avenge those who were shot in cold blood so ruthlessly in the Jalianwallah Bagh massacre.

Tamu Lhosar (30th December)

Tamu Lhosar is a festival of the Gurung people, who live in Nepal, Darjeeling and Sikkim. It is a festival celebrating the new year and every new year represents a different animal.

Hopefully, this brief guide on Bank Holidays in December 2022 will be helpful for you to know on which days banks will be closed in India during this month.

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FAQs on Bank Holidays in December

Q1. Are there any national Bank Holidays in December in India?

No, there are no national Bank Holidays in December. There are only two bank holidays in December that are observed in all states. These holidays are 10th December (Second Saturday) and 24th December (Fourth Saturday).

Q2. What is an important Bank Holiday in December in Meghalaya?

One of the important Bank Holidays in December in Meghalaya is Pa Togan Nengminza Sangma. This holiday falls on the 12th December every year and is observed in the memory of the giant Garo Tribe leader, Togan Sangma, who fought against the Britishers.

Q3. How many Bank Holidays in December 2023 are there?

There are many public holidays in December which will be celebrated on a state level. However, there are only two Bank Holidays in December 2023, 10th December (Second Saturday) and 24th December (Fourth Saturday/Christmas Eve).

Q4. Which Bank Holiday in December marks the liberation of Goa?

Goa Liberation Day marks the liberation of Goa. It is celebrated on the 19th December to mark the liberation of Goa from the Portuguese rulers in 1961. This day is celebrated as one of the Bank Holidays in December 2023 in the state of Goa.