Who is Known as the Father of History?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : June 28th, 2022

Herodotus is traditionally credited as the father of history since he authored the first authoritative historical text that recorded historical events in a systematic way. Not much is known about him but he belonged to the city of Halicarnassus, which is now part of present-day Turkey but was earlier situated in the Persian empire. Herodotus earned his title because he travelled to faraway lands and interviewed the locals and collected written accounts of their experiences. He was an extremely curious man who practised the simple methods of noting everything down and keeping records of his travels and interactions with people.

Contributions Made by Herodotus: The Father of History

The title of the father of history was given to Herodotus by the famous Roman statesman Cicero. He provided insights into the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, Scythia and more. His work was considered relevant even 2500 years after his demise and was read widely by many historians who wished to understand the culture and civilisation of Egypt.

Herodotus is also credited for his major work called ‘The Histories’ where he compiled various different events in multiple volumes. Furthermore, he was often called biased for his writings and that he favoured the non-greeks. His writings were also doubted because they went against many legends and often crossed the line between fact and fiction. Lastly, the father of history provided many descriptions of military combats and defined the course of world history through his work.



Father of History

The title of father of history is given to Herodotus, a Greek historian who was the first person to systematically document historical events. His single major work is known as ‘The Histories’ and his writings were considered relevant even 2500 years after his death. 


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  • A Greek historian called Herodotus is considered to be the father of history for his contributions and writings. He was given this title by Roman statesman Cicero for his pioneering work.

  • Herodotus is credited for his writings about historical events and military combats that help understand the ancient civilisations and major historical events. His single major work is called ‘The Histories’ and it includes a systematic recording of various events.

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