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Transient Analysis Quiz Discussion Achievers Practice

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Question 1

For t > 0 VR + VC is ______ volts, once switch is moved from A to B. Given that, V1 = 50V for the following circuit. 

Question 2

In the circuit shown in the figure, the switch 'S' is closed at time t = 0. The supply current at t = 0+ and the capacitor voltage at t ∞ are, respectively.

Question 3

In the circuit shown in figure the switch is closed at time (t=0). The rate of change of current across inductor will be -

Question 4

The transient currents are due to ________.

Question 5

Which of the following is the DC response of RC circuit or transient response of RC circuit with DC excitation?

Question 6

The switch was in position ‘1’ for long time and it is moved to position ‘2’ at t = 0, then value of (in A/s2) at t = 0+ is _________.

Question 7

In the following circuit, the ideal switch alternatively stay at position A for 2 msec and position B for 3 msec and position C for 4 msec. Find the average power deliver by source.

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