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Transient Analysis PYQ Achievers Practice

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Question 1

Consider the circuit as shown in figure below in which capacitor is initially charged to 10 V. At t = 0 switch is closed such that discharging current is given by . Then the value of (A + B) is ___________.

Question 2

In the circuit shown in given figure, the switch is moved from position A to position B at time t=0.

The current i through the inductor satisfies following conditions:-

i(0+)= -8A , di/dtt=0 = 3A/sec  , i () = 4 A

The value of R is,

Question 3

Switch is opened at t= 0, before it was closed for a long time. The value of in V/sec is

Question 4

If the input pulse in Figure (a) is applied to the circuit in Figure (b), determine the response i(t).

Question 5

For the circuit shown in figure, the switch S1 is closed at t = 0 and the switch S2 is closed at t = 3 sec. Determine VC(t) at t = 4 sec.

Question 6

In the figure below, the switch has been in position A for a long time. At t = 0, the switch moves to B . Determine the value of v at t = 4s.

Question 7

For the circuit shown in the figure above, expression for the current delivered by the source as a function of time, when switch is closed at t=0. Assume the circuit to be initially un-energized.

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