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Theory of Computation : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

Which one type of Turing machine is more powerful than others?

Question 2

For a context-free Grammar G, to determine whether if G is ambiguous is?

Question 3

If there is a reduction from problem P1 to P2
If problem P1 is non recursively enumerable then P2 is?

Question 4

Let denotes that language A is mapping reducible (also known as many-to-one reducible) to language B. Which one of the following is FALSE?

Question 5

Set of all context free languages are?

Question 6

From the options given below the statement, which is not necessarily true if X1 is the recursive language and X2 and X3 are the languages that is recursively enumerable but not recursive is

Question 7

The complement of a recursive Language is recursive

Question 8

Turing machine can be designed as?

Question 9

Which among the following is the only difference between Turing Machine and Finite Automaton ?

Question 10

Recursive language is not closed under which operation?
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