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Static GK Quiz II BBA & HM Entrance Exam II 30.07.2022

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Question 1

The fourth schedule of the Constitution of India contains provisions related to-

Question 2

All disputes related to the election of the Vice-President of India are decided by the

Question 3

Who among the following has been appointed the Chairperson of the Delimitation Commission for Jammu and Kashmir and some north-eastern states?

Question 4

The President of India may be removed from office by impeachment for:

Question 5

Which Article of the Constitution of India defines the power of the President to grant pardons, etc, and to suspend, remit or commute sentences in certain cases?

Question 6

Who among the following Governor Generals of India formulated the Doctrine of Lapse to deal with the issue of succession in India states during colonial rule?

Question 7

Which water treaty has been signed between India and Pakistan in the year 1960?

Question 8

From which of the following cities was the Quit India Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi?

Question 9

The capital of the British Indian Empire was transferred from Calcutta to Delhi in:

Question 10

In 1526, ______ defeated Ibrahim Lodi at Panipat and captured Delhi and Agra.
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