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SSC JE: Soil Mechanics Quiz-6

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Question 1

In an unconfined compression test on stiff clay, if the failure plane made an angle of 530 to the horizontal, what is the angle of shearing resistance?

Question 2

A particular soil sample is subjected to test for the determination of permeability coefficient in two separate constant head permeameters, whose specifications are as under

If the test on both the permeameter are conducted with equal head of water applied on the samples, then the ratio of amount of water discharged by the permeameter A and B during a period of one hour will be:

Question 3

The part of the wall on which the arch rests, is called

Question 4

Given for a sample of river sand:

Void ratio at the densest state = 0.35

Void ratio at loosest stage = 1.1

Which one of the following correctly represents the relative density of the sample prepared with a void ratio of 1.0?

Question 5

A soil sample has void ratio 0.82. The specific gravity of solids is 2.65. If the soil is 50% saturated, what is the water content of the soil?

Question 6

In the falling head permeability test, in the duration of 3 hours the initial head of 1000 mm is dropped to 350 mm. The diameter of the stand pipe is 0.5cm. The length and diameter of the soil specimen are 20 cm and 10 cm respectively. What is the coefficient of permeability (mm/s) of the soil?

Question 7

The cell pressure and pore water pressure is increased from 0.1 N/sq. m to 0.26 N/sq. m and 0.07 N/sq. m to 0.15 N/sq. m respectively in the triaxial test. The Skempton’s pore pressure parameter is given _____.

Question 8

If X, Y and Z are fineness moduli of coarse fine and combined aggregates, the percentage (P) of fine aggregates to combined aggregates is

Question 9

The coefficient of compressibility of soil, is the ratio of _________.

Question 10

Kinematic Viscosity of water in comparison to mercury is __________.

Question 11

Bulking of sand is caused due to _____.
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