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Speed Time & Distance Quiz

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Question 1

A train travels at 76 km/h. If it passes a pole in 36 second then find the length of the train:

Question 2

A goes to a mall from his house on a cycle at 8km/h and comes back to his house on a cycle at 6 km/h. if he takes 1 hour 10 minutes in all, what is the distance between his house and the mall?

Question 3

A and B started their journeys from X and Y and Y to X, respectively. After crossing each other, A and B completed the remaining parts of their journeys in  h and 8 h respectively. If the speed of B is 28 km/h, then the speed (in km/h) of A is :

Question 4

A man travels a certain distance at 12 km/h and returns to the starting point at 9 km/h. The total time taken by him for the entire journey is  hours. The total distance (in km) covered by him is:

Question 5

Two cars travel from city A to city B at a speed of 36 and 48km/hr respectively. If one car takes 3 hours lesser time than the other car for the journey, then the distance between City A and City B is

Question 6

4 hrs after a goods train passed a station, another train travelling at a speed of 65 km/hr following that goods train passes through that station, If after passing the station the train overtakes the goods train in 9 hours. What is the speed of the goods train?

Question 7

A boy reaches to a park in 5 minutes which is at 500 m distance from his house and return to his home in 7 minutes. Find the average speed (in Km/h) of the boy?

Question 8

A train travelling at 44 km/h crosses a man walking with a speed of 8 km/h, in the same direction, in 15 seconds. If the train crosses a woman coming from the opposite direction in 10 seconds, then what is the speed (in km/h) of the woman?

Question 9

A train travelling at the speed of x km/h crossed a 200m long platform in 30 seconds and overtook a man walking in the same direction at the speed of 6 km/h in 20 seconds. What is the value of x?

Question 10

The distance between two cities is covered in hours at a speed of 52 km/h. if the speed is increased to 65 km/h, how much time would be saved?
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