Questions asked in NABARD Grade A Prelims Exam 2017

By Akanksha Jigyasu|Updated : August 5th, 2017

National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) conducted the Preliminary exam of Assistant Manager (RDBS) in Grade ‘A’ today. We have already shared the detailed exam analysis of Slot 1 of NABARD Grade A Prelims exam. You can now have a look at the questions that were asked in different sections (primarily General Awareness, Computer Knowledge, Economic & Social Issues and Agriculture & Rural Development) in today's exam. 

Note: The questions below were asked in Shift 1 of NABARD Grade A Prelims exam. We will update the questions asked in Slot 2 shortly. 

Questions asked in NABARD Grade A Preliminary Exam 2017

  • Question-related to North Natuna Sea.
  • Rowa Wildlife sanctuary located in?
  • Where is Dhola Sadiya bridge situated?
  • Where was the surface to air missile, 'Spyder' test fired?
  • Railways launched an app, SAARTHI. What does 'S' stand for?
  • In 'ELSS', what does 'E' stand for?
  • Where is the headquarter of IUCN located?
  • G77 is related to?
  • National Multi Commodity Exchange has been merged with?
  • The budget of Fasal Bima Yojana?
  • What is the deadline of Skill India Development Programme?
  • Where was G20 summit conducted?
  • Name of former Chief Minister of Assam, who passed away recently.
  • Asian Dialogue location
  • Question related to International Youth Day
  • Which committee gave the term, 'Capital Account Convertibility'?
  • When was the 2nd Narasimhan committee formed?
  • What was the food grain production of India in 2016-17?
  • What is India's rank in Sustainable Development Index?
  • Question related to Education Committee.
  • Elevate 100 scheme has been launched by which state?
  • Question-related to UNESCO World Heritage City
  • Human Development Index is published by?
  • Question-related to India China trade amount.
  • What is the Nominal GDP rank of India?
  • Questions related to crop varieties.
  • Headquarters of World Bank. 
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