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Which of the following metals is the Most Ductile Metal?

  • 1.Silver
  • 2.Platinum
  • 3.Copper
  • 4.Gold
Correct Answer
Option 4:Gold

Gold is the most ductile metal. The term "ductility" refers to a material's capacity to be pulled into thin wires. One gram of gold may be used to create a wire that is around 2 kilometers long. Metals may be molded into a variety of shapes to suit our needs because of their malleability and ductility.

Most Ductile Metal

  • Gold has the highest ductility.
  • The ability of a material to be drawn out or extended to a significant extent before rupturing is known as ductility.
  • The ductility of a test specimen is measured by the percentage elongation or reduction in the area prior to the rupture. Typically, a material is brittle if the percentage elongation is less than 5% and ductile if it is greater than 15%.
  • Typical ductile materials are mild steel, lead, copper, and aluminum.


Which of the following metals is the most ductile metal?

The most ductile metal is gold. Ductility is the capacity of a metal to be converted to wires. It is an important property that has importance in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. In contrast, Malleability is the property of metal to be converted into a thin sheet without breaking.

Which of the following metals is the Most Ductile Metal?


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