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Quant Quiz || BBA & IPM and HM Entrance Exam 2022 || 28.07.2022

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Question 1

In an examination a candidate got 30% marks and failed by 60marks. If the passing marks are 60% of the total marks, then the maximum marks will be –

Question 2

If , then the value of n is

Question 3

A man spends in 6 months as much as he earns in 4 months. He saves Rs. 7000 in a year. His average monthly income is :

Question 4

The difference of two numbers is 20% of the larger number. If the smaller number is 20, the larger number is

Question 5

A’s present age is 120% of his own age 8 years ago, but 75% of his age 16 years hence. What is his present age?

Question 6

In a village, the average age of n people is 45 years. But it was found that the age of a person is mistakenly calculated as 25 years less than his actual age. If the average age increases by 0.5 years after correction, then find n.

Question 7

The length of a rectangular plot is thrice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 972 sq m, then what is the breadth of the rectangular plot?

Question 8

A 4-digit number is formed by repeating a 2-digit number such as 1515, 3737, etc. Any number of this form is exactly divisible by

Question 9

If α, β are the root of the equation 16x2 - 7x + 81 = 0 then the value of  = ?

Question 10

The average of 7 numbers is 23. If one number is removed, the average becomes 20. What is the number removed?
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