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PSC Civil Engg: Transportation Quiz 1

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Question 1

In revised CBR design method recommended by the IRC for the design of flexible pavement, the total thickness depends upon

Question 2

The radius of a horizontal circular curve is 480 m and design speed there in 70kmph. What will be the equilibrium superelevation for the pressures on the inner and the outer wheels to be equal?

Question 3

Consider the following statements regarding pavements:
1) Rigid pavements are more suitable than flexible pavements for stage construction.
2) Rigid pavements are more affected by temperature variations than flexible pavements.
3) In a flexible pavement, any deformation in the top layers is transferred to underlaid layers; but, in rigid pavements, there is slab or beam action due to which any deformation is only in the top layer of the concrete slab.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 4

A collapsible soil sub-grade sample was tested using Standard California Bearing Ratio apparatus; and the observations are given below

Taking the standard assumption(load carried by the standard specimen = 1370 kg) regarding the load penetration curve, CBR value of the sample will be taken as

Question 5

The type of signalling system in which it is possible to vary the length of cycle, cycle division and the time schedule at each signal point is called
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