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PSC Civil Engg: R.C.C & Pre-stress Concrete Quiz 5

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Question 1

If the loading on a simply supported prestressed concrete beam is uniformly distributed, the centroid for the pre-stressing tendon should be as

Question 2

In a post-tension pre-stressed concrete beam, the end block zone is in between the end of the beam and the section where

Question 3

In the pre-tensioning method, which of the following statements are correct?
1) The tension in the concrete is induced directly by external force
2) Tension is induced in the tendons before concreting
3) Concrete continues to be in tension after pre-stressing

Question 4

If a beam is likely to fail due to high bonding stresses, then its bond strength can be increased most economically by

Question 5

As compared to the working stress method of design, the limit state method of design premises that the concrete can admit
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