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PSC Civil Engg: Hydrology Quiz 5

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Question 1

The coefficient of variation of the rainfall for six rain gauge stations in catchments was found to be 29.54%. The optimum number of stations in the catchments for an admissible 10% error in the estimation of the mean rainfall will be

Question 2

The discharge per unit drawdown at the well is known as

Question 3

The probability of a 10 years flood to occur at least once in the next 5 years is

Question 4

A standard, ground-based evaporation pan, corresponding to Indian Standards, is installed at the banks of a surface reservoir. The water surface area on a particular day is 100 hectares. The recorded evaporation loss from the pan, on a certain day, is nearly 4.0 cm. what is the anticipated evaporation loss from the reservoir for that day?

Question 5

It is proposed to design a causeway along a village road. The return period for the annual maximum flood of a given magnitude was found to be 5 years. The probability that, this flood magnitude will be exceeded at least once during next 2 years is:
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