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PSC Civil Engg: Environmental Quiz 10

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Question 1

The waste water of a certain large colony contains 10–5.6 mmol/l of OH– ions at 25 ºC.
The pH of this sample is

Question 2

A sewer has a diameter of 300 mm and slope of 1 in 400. While running full it has a mean velocity of 0.7 m/s. if both the diameter and slope are doubled (to respectively be 600 mm and 1 in 200), what well be the changed mean velocity when running half-full? Use Manning’s formula.

Question 3

10 MLD water is to be chlorinated in a clear water reservoir (CWR) with 0.8 mg/l chlorine dose with providing contact time of 40 minutes. The required CWR capacity is nearly

Question 4

The concentration of chloride ions in a water sample is estimated by titration with

Question 5

What is the equivalent calcium carbonate concentration of 110 mg/L of CaCl2?
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