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Operating System : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

The security of a system can be improved by

Question 2

In batch environment, a process is created ________.

Question 3

Consider three processes p1, p2 and p3 with their current allocation unit of resource and maximum requirement unit of resources in the table below

Available resources are (2, 0, 1). The system is __ and number of safe sequence __.

Question 4

Consider the three processes for a particular system P1, P2, P3. The arrival time of the processes are 0ms, 5ms and 8ms respectively. And the processing times are 15ms, 12ms and 5ms respectively. The three processes are pre-emptively scheduled on a single-CPU system using the shortest remaining processing time first scheduling policy. Which of the following shows the order in which processes complete last to first?

Question 5

Which of the following scheduling algorithms may cause starvation ?
a. First-come-first-served
b. Round Robin
c. Priority
d. Shortest process next
e. Shortest remaining time first

Question 6

Which of the following is not a necessary condition(s) for a deadlock?

Question 7

An operating system contains 4 user processes each requiring 2 units of resource R. The minimum number of units of R such that no deadlocks will ever arise is

Question 8

A unix-style I-node has 10 direct pointers and one single, one double and one triple indirect pointers. Disk block size is 1 Kbyte, disk block address is 32 bits, and 48-bit integers are used. What is the maximum possible file size?

Question 9

In which one of the following page replacement policies, Belady’s anomaly may occur?

Question 10

Which of the following conditions does not hold good for a solution to a critical section problem?
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