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Operating System : Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

Which one of the following is not true about the threads?

Question 2

The functions of device drivers I/O system layer is:

Question 3

The overlay tree for a program is as shown

What will be the size(in KB) of the partition (in physical memory) required to load (and run) this program?

Question 4

Identify the scheduler which involves only in the decision for the selection of partially serviced jobs?

Question 5

Consider three CPU-intensive processes, which require 10, 20 and 30 time units and arrive at times 0, 2 and 6, respectively. How many context switches are needed if the operating system implements a shortest remaining time first scheduling algorithm? Do not count the context switches at time zero and at the end.

Question 6

Consider the following table of arrival time and burst time for three processes P0, P1 and P2.

The pre-emptive shortest job first scheduling algorithm is used. Scheduling is carried out only at arrival or completion of processes. What is the average waiting time for the three processes?

Question 7

Which of the following is/are true?

Question 8

Which of the following is not the disk scheduling algorithm?

Question 9

__________ has the lowest fault rate of all the page replacement algorithms.

Question 10

A counting semaphore S is initialized to 10. Then, 6 P operations and 4 V operations are performed on S. What is the final value of S?
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