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Network Theory Quiz 2

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Question 1

The voltage applied to a load consisting of a 20 Ω resistor in series with an inductive reactance 3.77 Ω is 141.4 cos(ωt + 45º). The reactive power is

Question 2

For series RLC circuit the power factor at the lowest half power frequency is

Question 3

In the circuit given below, the current i1 will be:

Where, i2 = 14.14 sin(ωt + 30°)

i3 = 28.28 sin(ωt – 60°)

Question 4

Calculate the phase difference between current I with respect to voltage V1 in the circuit.

Question 5

A circuit consisting of a resistor R=20 Ω and inductance L=0.05 H is energised by the voltage source 
v(t)=250sin(100πt) + 50sin(300πt + π/3) + 20sin(500πt + 5π/6) . The power absorbed by the resistor and the rms value of the current through it respectively are _______

Question 6

Find the active power supplied by the source?
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