Must know concept for RBI Grade B exam: Non Verbal Communication

By Gaurav Tripathi|Updated : June 15th, 2022

Financial Management is an important topic asked under the  RBI Grade B Exam Phase 2 exam. This section covers finance (60 Marks) and management (40 Marks). Mastering Financial Management is at times, tough for many students because it involves lots and lots of theoretical concepts. So, for your ease and better preparation, we are going to discuss an important topic of FM today which comes under Communication. In Phase 2, this paper determines your selection in merit list for the interview stage. 




The Finance & Management Section is one of the two subject-oriented papers in  RBI Grade B Exam in Mains. Get ready to master Management & score better. Start Reading now!

Non-Verbal Communication

According to Peter F Drucker,

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.

Types of Non-Verbal Communication

1. Kinesics

The word kinesics comes from the root word kinesis, which means “movement,” and refers to the study of hand, arm, body, and face movements which includes the following:-

  • Gestures are arm and hand movements and include adaptors like clicking a pen or scratching your face, emblems like a thumbs-up to say “OK,” and illustrators like bouncing your hand along with the rhythm of your speaking.
  • Head movements and posture include the orientation of movements of our head and the orientation and positioning of our body and the various meanings they send. Head movements such as nodding can indicate agreement, disagreement, and interest, among other things. Posture can indicate assertiveness, defensiveness, interest, readiness, or intimidation, among other things.
  • Eye contact is studied under the category of oculesics and specifically refers to eye contact with another person’s face, head, and eyes and the patterns of looking away and back at the other person during the interaction. Eye contact provides turn-taking signals, signals when we are engaged in cognitive activity, and helps establish rapport and connection, among other things.
  • Facial expressions refer to the use of the forehead, brow, and facial muscles around the nose and mouth to convey meaning. Facial expressions can convey happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and other emotions.

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Now, we are going to discuss the next point. It is related to a different type of Non-verbal communication: 

2. Haptics

It refers to the study of communication by touch.

3. Vocalists

It is the study of paralanguage(, which includes the vocal qualities that go along with verbal messages, such as pitch, volume, rate, vocal quality, and verbal fillers (Andersen, 1999).

4. Proxemics

Proxemics refers to the study of how space and distance influence communication.

5. Chronemics

Chronemics refers to the study of how time affects communication. 

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  • There are 5 types of Non-verbal communication which are-

    • Kinesics
    • Haptics
    • Vocalists
    • Proxemics
    • Chronemics

    Focus on remembering the basic of these concepts from your notes and standard sources.

  • The candidates must study Non Verbal communication while preparing for the RBI Grade B 2022 exam. With the help of the Byju's Exam Prep, you will get important study notes on Non-Verbal Communication.

  • It includes 4 types of movements which is also a way of non-verbal communication-

    Gestures are arm and hand motions that involve adaptors such as clicking a pen or scratching your face, among other things.

    The orientation of our head motions, as well as the orientation and positioning of our body, are included in head movements and posture.

    Oculesics is the study of eye contact with another person's face, and it specifically refers to eye contact with another person's face.

    The use of the forehead, brow and facial muscles around the nose and mouth are referred to as facial expressions.

  • FM section is one of the most important sections for RBI Grade B Exam. A candidate needs cover it exhaustively to get a high score. Moreover, scoring in Phase 2 is crucial as it determines the final rank.

  • The marks attained in this paper is going to be calculated for ranking. You need to do revision and solve mock tests for developing more confidence and clarity. This paper demands deep understanding of concepts and regular practice of previous years questions.

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