ICFAI Business School Courses 2022: Fees, Structure, Seats, Criteria

ICFAI Business School Courses 2022: Fees, Structure, Seats, Criteria

ByAditi Joshi  |  Updated on: Aug 11, 2021
ICFAI Business School 2022 Details below intended to give Highlights, Admission, Eligibility Criteria, Cutoff, Courses, Fees, Scholarships, placements and Facilities

ICFAI Business School Course 2021

ICFAI business school courses comprise certificate programs, undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, and doctorate degrees. These include full-time, part-time, and online programs. 

ICFAI business school courses comprise diverse subjects imparted across IBS Hyderabad, IBS Bangalore, IBS Mumbai, IBS Pune, IBS Kolkata, IBS Dehradun, IBS Gurgaon, and IBS Jaipur. 

ICFAI Business School Courses Important Highlights 2021

Here's a list of ICFAI business school courses and programs:



IBS Hyderabad Courses

BA, BBA, MBA, EMBA, certification courses, and PhD.

IBS Bangalore Courses

BBA, PGPM, and PhD.

IBS Pune Courses

BBA, PGPM, and PhD.

IBS Mumbai Courses

BBA, PGPM, and PhD.

IBS Ahmedabad Courses


IBS Jaipur Courses


IBS Gurgaon Courses


IBS Dehradun Courses


IBS Kolkata courses


ICFAI Business Courses Eligibility Criteria 2021

Here is everything you need to know about ICFAI business school courses and eligibility:



UG courses

10+2 course of study securing over 50% in aggregate in XII

Post-graduate postgraduate courses

10+2+3/10+2+4 course of study, securing over 50% in UG


10+2+3+2/10+2+4+2 course of study with over 55% in PG-courses besides fulfilling prior criteria

UG selection procedure

Admission test 

PG selection procedure




List of Courses Offered at ICFAI Business School 2021

ICFAI business school course list offers a 100% case-study-based curriculum in all the subjects to provide you with the experience to enhance your expertise. The below-mentioned courses are AICTE/UGC accredited, having received recognition from top global B-Schools.



UG Courses (3 years)

BBA, BA Economics

PG Courses (2 years)

MBA, PGPM, EMBA (21 months)

PhD. Courses (4 years)

Ph.D. (Economics), Ph.D. (full-time), Ph.D. (part-time)

ICFAI Business School Certificate Courses:

ICFAI business school certificate courses impart a profound influence on your proforma. The certification provides expertise on various subject-matter and helps you sharpen your skillset through flexible learning.

You can enrol for a certificate course across all the nine premium B-Schools. ICFAI business school Hyderabad organizes the following certification courses. Candidates have to attend classes online because of the pandemic.



Banking & Financial Services Analytics (42 hr)

INR 47k

Financial Analytics (60 hr)

INR 65k

Accounting Analytics (30 hr)

INR 35k

Credit Risk Analytics 

INR 65k (60 hr), INR 95k (90 hr)

Data Science

INR 35k (30 hr), INR 65k (60 hr), INR 2.05 L (240 hr)

Artificial Intelligence

INR 35k (30 hr), INR 65k (60 hr), INR 2.05 L (240 hr)

Supply Chain Sourcing & Inventory Analytics

INR 35k (30 hr), INR 65k (60 hr)

Quality Analytics - 6 Sigma Green Belt Approach

INR 35k (30 hr), INR 65k (60 hr)

Business Intelligence & Analytics

INR 25k (20 hr), INR 35k (30 hr), INR 65k (60 hr)

Project Management

INR 15k (10 hr), INR 25k (20 hr), INR 35k (30 hr), INR 65k (60 hr), INR 95k (90 hr)

ICFAI Business School Fees 2021

We bring you the ICFAI business school (IBS) fee structure for various courses taught across its 9 premium business schools.  

ICFAI Business School (IBS) Fee 2021:

The ICFAI business school (IBS) fee structure for MBA/PGPM program is as follows:

  • INR 4.50 LPA/PGPM program at (IBS Kolkata, IBS Mumbai, IBS Pune, IBS Ahmedabad, and IBS Gurgaon)
  • INR 3.01 LPA/MBA program at (IBS Dehradun, IBS Jaipur)
  • INR 6.03 LPA/MBA program at IBS Bangalore
  • INR 8.01 LPA/MBA program at IBS Hyderabad

In addition, students must deposit INR 10k (caution money) in the first semester of the respective courses as a refundable part of the ICFAI business school (IBS) fee structure.

ICFAI Business School Fee Details 2021

ICFAI business school (IBS) fee details 2021 offers educational loans at an affordable rate. Here's the list of all courses and an estimated fee structure for (2022-2024):

  • IBS Hyderabad MBA fees for 2 years (INR 16.02 L)
  • IBS Bangalore MBA fees for 2 years (INR 12.06 L)
  • IBS Jaipur, IBS Dehradun MBA fees for 2 years (INR 6.03 L)
  • IBS Kolkata, IBS Mumbai, IBS Pune, IBS Ahmedabad, and IBS Gurgaon PGPM fees for 2 years (INR 9.09 L)
  • IBS Hyderabad, IBS Pune, IBS Bangalore, IBS Mumbai BBA fees for 3 years (INR 7.8 L)
  • IBS Hyderabad BA Economics fees for 3 years (INR 3.9 L)
  • IBS Hyderabad PhD fees for 4 years (INR 6.4 L)

ICFAI Business School Fee Structure and Seats 2021

ICFAI business school (IBS) fee structure increased around 10% in the pre-pandemic period, along with the significant rise in placement packages offered. There's little or no chance of another hike in course fee/placement packages until the pandemic lasts. Students interested in MBA opportunities at ICFAI business school (IBS) will receive scholarships like;

  • A scholarship worth INR 60k per semester while pursuing a PhD based on academic performance.
  • A scholarship worth INR 34.5k per semester while pursuing BBA.

ICFAI business school (IBS) fees account for the entire academic cost. Besides, an MBA program is a full-time course requiring campus presence. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all educational deliveries are virtual.

Students are required to afford the following in-person while pursuing MBA/PGPM programs:

  • Lodging (hostel)
  • Messing (food)
  • Travel (academic and non-academic)
  • Connectivity
  • Alumni participation

ICFAI Business School Admission Fee 2021

ICFAI business school (IBS) fee structure seems affordable than various leading private institutes offering the same course. Both the institutions have NAAC A+ ratings.


ICFAI Business School (IBS) 

Amity University 


INR 7.8 L

INR 9.24 L

BA Economics

INR 3.9 L

INR 6.36 L


INR 6.03 L to INR 16.02 L

INR 6.48 L to INR 14.42 L


INR 9.09 L

INR 6.6 L - INR 9.6 L


INR 6.4 L

INR 3.6 L to INR 7 L

Here's a detailed analysis of MBA/PGPM programs based on ICFAI business school (IBS) fee structure:

ICFAI business school (IBS) campuses

MBA fee (2022-2024) INR in L

IBS Hyderabad MBA fees


IBS Pune PGPM fees


IBS Bangalore MBA fees


IBS Mumbai PGPM fees


IBS Jaipur MBA fees


IBS Kolkata PGPM fees


IBS Dehradun MBA fees


IBS Ahmedabad PGPM fees


IBS Gurgaon PGPM fees


ICFAI Business School College Exam Courses & Fees FAQs

  • An MBA program is equivalent to a master’s degree, while a PGPM program has no academic significance. Both have a timeline of 2 years. Those with MBA can pursue higher education besides the PGPM program helps one quickly develop a professional skill set.

  • Working professionals looking forward to developing their existing skillset and perform like an ace should go for a PGPM. PGPM program cost less than an MBA and concludes earlier than the latter. Enrol today at ICFAI business school courses and give your career a heads-up with a PGPM program. 

  • An MBA program suits a fresher/working professional who intends to pursue further academic qualifications, such as Ph.D. An MBA is a valid master’s degree besides providing you with the skills like a PGPM program. If you have plans of switching to academics, having an MBA only makes it more suitable.

  • PGPM programs enhance working professionals with a state-of-art skillset minus the academic formalities. The curriculum followed in PGPM highlights the skills on-demand, besides guiding candidates towards the skill set or improving those existing before.

  • An MBA program serves as an umbrella course for your next step, both in academics and work. The complete package of formal education and hands-on internship experience helps churn out true professionals. The blending nature of an MBA program serving both academics and profession has made it one of the most sought degrees.

  • An MBA degree from any  ICFAI Business School can fetch you a placement package at an average of INR 10 LPA and more. The MBA course fee ranges from INR 6.03 L to INR 16.02 L.

  • Placement packages for MBA/PGPM programs depend on the candidate's profile, suitability, work experience, and skillset.

  • You can pursue a PGPM program from ICFAI business school at just INR 9.09 L. IBS Ahmedabad (offering PGPM) bagged the highest international placement package (2020) worth INR 24 LPA.

  • Any business school at an economically fortified location has the privilege to attract top companies than those present in tier-2 and tier-3 locations. Merit matters given recruiters pay generous placement offer for quality skills. 

  • ICFAI business schools (IBS) are par with leading IIMs (Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad). A robust curriculum, hands-on experience, and a dedicated alumni network make it a must-visit for top recruiters. 


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