Last Week Preparation Strategy for MPTET 2022

By Karishma Singh|Updated : February 23rd, 2022

Last Week Preparation Strategy for MP TET 2022: MP TET is conducted by the Government of Madhya Pradesh for the recruitment of primary teachers in the state. The exam is scheduled for 5th March 2022 through online mode. Less than 10 days are left to conduct the final exam, but still, there's time to revise and score well if you focus on strategy for the exam. Here are some of last week's tips and strategies on how you can prepare MP TET in a very short time given below.

Tips & Tricks for MP TET Preparation 

1. Do not try to learn everything altogether:

Less than 10 days are remaining for the exam, so this is a crucial time for all MPTET aspirants. At this time, candidates should try to solve more and more practice papers instead of reading everything. 

Before starting last week's preparation strategy, let's have a look at the exam pattern according to which you will have to come up with a revision plan. It will help list down the topics that need more attention and topics which can be left for last-minute revision. 

2. MP TET 2022 Exam Pattern:

  • In the MP TET exam, you will be asked 150 questions, and time is allotted 150 minutes. 
  • The exam is conducted through Online Mode.
  • The question paper will be based on multiple-choice questions (MCQ), including 5 sections. Each section contains a set of 30 questions.
  • There will be no negative marking in the MP TET exam.

There are 5 sections in MPTET Paper-I :

MPTET Paper-I (150 Marks)

Subject Total QuestionsTotal Marks
Child Development and Pedagogy3030
Language - I ( Hindi or English)3030
Language- II ( English or Hindi, Sanskrit)3030
Environmental studies3030
Grand Total150150

3. Solve previous year's question papers:

  • The last 2012 question paper is available to understand the type of questions that were asked in the last examination. For better practice, you can solve CTET  question papers as the syllabus is quite similar to MP TET.
  • You can easily identify your weaker and stronger areas through the previous year's question papers. During the main exam, you can easily find out which portion you need to attend first.
  • In most of the TET exams 10 to 12 questions are repeated from previous years' papers, so practising more and more questions of MP TET and CTET will prove helpful.


 4. Try to attempt mock tests & practice papers regularly:

  •  Practice papers will help make the exam familiar on the day of the examination.
  •  Because of the shortage of time, keep practising with the mock for the best utilization of time.
  •  A mock test will help you to enhance your confidence.
  •  MPTET Quiz will also help you identify your weaker sections.


 5 . Do not hesitate to ask your queries:

  •  If you face some kind of difficulty in your preparation, ask all your doubts with your teacher.
  •  If you are preparing for your exam with self-study, you can go to our free online classes where you can ask all your doubts. Our teachers will help you with your queries.
  • And when you attend our online classes, you will be familiar with the MPTET Online Mode exam. You can download  BYJUS EXAM PREP. Click on the link.

6. Focus on your weak points:

  • Everyone has some good points and some weak points, so if you are weak in any section, try to focus more on that section.
  • Try to solve practice papers to know what your weak areas are.
  • If you are good in some area, you can leave it just for the last-minute revision but give more attention to that area in which you are not perfect.

7. Take a break:

 During your exam preparation, your mind is full of uncertain things and unwanted thoughts, so to remove these things, candidates should take a break with their study because when you take a break, it gives you the energy to charge up again. You can go for a walk or go shopping; you can also go for lunch and dinner with your friends.

8. Take good rest:

During your time, you need a good and healthy sleep because sleeping makes you feel good, makes your mind and body strong, and enhances your capacity to learn things in a better way, so please try to maintain a good sleep at least 8 hours minimum.

9. Eat healthy food:

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. When you take healthy food, it cleans and detoxes your body and makes your body and stamina stronger, so it is advised to all candidates to please try to take good and healthy food it gives you energy to ace your goals.

10. Devote time for exercise and meditation:

It is very important to stay calm and peaceful during exam time, so you should try some relaxing exercises and do some meditation. This will help you relax your body and mind, and this will help you enhance your capacity and charge again to make your dream come true.

MP TET 2022 Exam Qualifying Marks

  • You can attempt all 150 questions because there is no negative marking in the MPTET 2022.
  • If you belong to the general category, you need to score 90 out of 150 marks to qualify for the MP TET 2022.
  • If you belong to the reserved category, you need to score 75 marks out of 150 to qualify for MP TET.
  • MPTET does not have any sectional cutoff, so you need not be afraid of any subject.

The above-given information will help you to a better way to your exam preparation. All the information and points are shared with you by the candidates who have appeared in several TETs and other teaching exams. 


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