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Question 1

For a Mod-10 counter, Johnson counter uses X FF’s, ring counter uses Y FF’s and ripple counter uses Z FF’s. Then X + Y + Z will be ________.

Question 2

Consider a 4-bit Johnson counter with an initial value of 0000. The counting sequence of this counter is

Question 3

Number of flip-flop required to implement divided by 20 Johnson counter is:

Question 4

For a Mod-10 counter, Johnson counter uses flip flops, ring counter uses y flip flops, and ripple counter uses Z flip flops. Then X+ Y+ is

Question 5

The output waveforms of a counter circuit shown below:

The counter is

Question 6

If the number of unused states in a 6- bit ring counter is ‘a’ and in a 5-bit Johnson counter is ‘b’, then a + b is?

Question 7

If the input frequency and the output frequency for the cascaded counter shown below are respectively 30.72 MHz and 1 KHz, then Johnson counter has __________number of bits

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