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JEE Main Mock 109

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Question 1

0.2 mole of HCl and 0.1 mole of barium chloride were dissolved in water to produce a 500-mL solution. The molarity of the Cl ions is -

Question 2

To which electronic transition between Bohr orbits in hydrogen, the second line in the Balmer series belongs?

Question 3

Which of the following plots does not represent the behaviour of an ideal binary liquid solution?

Question 4

In which of the following reactions ΔS is positive?

Question 5

The area bounded by the curve x = a cos3t, y = a sin3t is-

Question 6

The solution of the equation= cos (x – y) is

Question 7

If the line OP of length r makes an angle αwith x-axis and lies in the xz plane, then the coordinate of P are -

Question 8

For three vectors , , which of the following expressions is not equal to any of the remaining three ?

Question 9

A circular disc A of radius r is made from an iron plate of thickness t and another circular disc B of radius 4r is made from an iron plate of thickness 4t. The relation between the moments of inertia IA and IB is-

Question 10

It is found that the force required to row a boat in a river is proportional to the speed of the boat. When the speed of the boat is kept
v km / hr, the power expended by the boat engine is 24 horse power. What shall be the power (in hp) required, if one wishes to row the boat at a speed 2v km/hr –

Question 11

Two pendulums of lengths 1.44 and 1 metre length start swinging together. After how many vibrations they will again start swing together ?

Question 12

Disturbances of two waves are shown as a function of time in the following figure. The ratio of their intensities will be when the ratio of their amplitudes is 1:2 
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