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JEE Main Mock 106

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Question 1

We have two cables of copper of the same length. In the first cable, only one wire of cross-section area A and in second cable, ten wires each of cross-section area A/10 are present. When A.C. and D.C. flow in it. Choose the correct cable for better efficiency–

Question 2

In copper, each copper atom releases one electron. If a current of 1.1 A is flowing in the copper wire of uniform cross-sectional area of diameter 1 mm, then drift velocity of electrons will approximately be-
(Density of copper = 9 × 103 kg /m3, Atomic weight of copper = 63)

Question 3

The induced emf in a circular conducting loop is E, when placed in a magnetic field decreasing at a steady rate of x tesla/sec. If two such loops identical in all respect are cut and connect as shown in figure then the induced emf in the combined circuit will be-

Question 4

At absolute zero temperature Silicon acts as a

Question 5

Example of pπ-pπbonding is -

Question 6

Which of the following has highest ionisation energy?

Question 7

Out of the following metals which will give H2 on reaction with NaOH -
I : Zn, II : Mg, III : Al, IV : Be

Question 8

A mixture of boric acid with ethyl alcohol burns with green edged flame due to the formation of -

Question 9


Question 10

If α, β are roots of the equation 2x2 – 35 x + 2 = 0, then the value of (2α– 35)3. (2β– 35)3 is equal to-

Question 11

The value of the determinant

is equal to

Question 12

There are (n + 1) white and (n + 1) black balls each set numbered 1 to (n + 1). The number of ways in which the balls can be arranged in row so that the adjacent balls are of different colours is-
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