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Question 1

Ram is facing towards the south. He turns to his left and moves 40 km, and then turns to his right and moves 50 km more. Finally, he turns to his left again and moves 60 km. Which direction is he facing now?

Question 2

It is 10:30 by the clock. If the minute hand points towards the south direction, then which direction will the hour hand point to?

Question 3

A truck travels 36 km North, then it turns West and travels 9 km, then it turns South and travels 50 km, then it turns to its left and travels 9 km. Where is it now with reference to its starting position?

Question 4

Raj is facing north, he cycles for 8 km, then turns towards the southeast direction to move 10 km and from there, he moves 6 km towards the west. In which direction/place, is he from his original position?

Question 5

Rahim rode on his bicycle from his house towards the market for 300 m. He was moving south-west. Then he turned left at an angle of 135° and rode for 100 m to visit a friend. In which direction is Rahim’s house located from his friend’s house ?

Question 6

Jaya walked north from her house with her son Rakesh. Rakesh's school bus took him to the right before the signal point. Jaya continued on the same line and put petrol in the scooter. She then turned to her left and went to a supermarket. Which direction is the supermarket from the petrol pump?

Question 7

Tarun goes 12m east and then took a right turn and goes 14m, he then took a left turn and goes 18m. He again took a left turn and goes 26m. He finally took a left turn and goes 35m. Now in which direction and how far is he from his starting point?

Question 8

Mayank started driving from his office to the hotel. He drove 10 km towards north. From there, he turned right and drove 8 km. Then, he turned right and drove 6 km. Again, he turned right and drove 5 km and reached his hotel? What is the shortest distance from the office to his hotel?

Question 9

A bus driver started from a point ‘A’ and drove 25 km towards the east. He turned left and drove 30 km. He then turned left and drove 15 km. He again turned left and drove 30 km and reached a point ‘B’. How far and in which direction is the point ‘B’ from the point ‘A’?

Question 10

Kartik started walking from the mall. First, he walked 8 km in north direction. Then he turned right and walked 3 km. After that he turned right and walked 5 km. Then, he turned right and walked 7 km. What is the minimum distance between Kartik’s final position and the mall?
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