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Question 1

Due to a 25% increase in the price of rice, a person is able to purchase 20 kilograms less for Rs 400. What is the increased price of rice per kilogram?

Question 2

A wholesaler sells a watch to a retailer at a profit of 8% and the retailer sells it to a customer at a profit of 12%. If the customer pays Rs. 8,448 what had it cost (approximately) to the wholesaler (in Rs)?

Question 3

0.08% of 120% of 50,000 is equal to __________.

Question 4

If the salary of Vimal is increased by 20% in the first year but due to recession in the second year his boss deducts his salary by 10%. Then find the net increase or decrease in salary of Vimal after the second year.

Question 5

55% of P = 35% of Q, then P = x% of Q ; find x:

Question 6

In a Village panchayat society 574 names are enlisted as 'below poverty level'. If 14% of the villagers are below poverty level, the total number of villagers is?

Question 7

If 15% of (A+B) = 25% of (A-B), then what percent of B is equal to A?

Question 8

A man's annual income has increased by Rs 1.2 lakhs but the tax on income that he has to pay has reduced from 12% to 10%. He now pays the sameamount of tax as before. What is his increased income (in Rs lakhs)?

Question 9

If A has got 20% more marks than B, then by what percent marks of B are less than the marks of A?

Question 10

The difference of two numbers is of their sum. The ratio of larger number to the smaller number is :
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