How Working Professionals Should Prepare for RBI Grade B 2023?

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : April 24th, 2022

There must be many working aspirants who are going to appear for the RBI Grade B exam next year. It is no doubt difficult for them to manage their work and studies together. But nothing is impossible are determined, focused, and work hard to achieve your goals. We have shared the best strategy and preparation tips for working professionals to crack the RBI Grade B Officer 2023 exam.

byjusexamprepAs the exam approaches, you start doubting your painstaking preparation and you start feeling like you are forgetting everything important you have learned so far. 

Every individual has 24 Hours a day but professionals have to divide their time accordingly to get the best results. Competition has increased in leaps and bounds in the past few years. One needs fair and square with their goals to achieve. In this article, we are giving the game away to help working professionals crack this exam. This strategy will also be helpful for other aspirants. 


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Facts Corner:

Before we proceed with the RBI Grade B strategy, let us learn a few interesting facts about the organization

#1. We all know RBI is the central bank of India. But do you know?

RBI was also the central bank for two other countries. It played the role of Central Bank of Pakistan till June 1948 and the Central Bank of Burma ( Myanmar) till April 1947. 

#2. Manmohan Singh is the only Prime Minister to have also served as the Governor of RBI.

He was the Governor of RBI  from 1982-to 1985.

#3. The first woman to become the deputy governor of RBI is K. J. Udeshi. She was appointed in 2003.

#4.  RBI runs a Monetary Museum in the premises of the Mumbai head office.

#5. RBI has 31 offices in India which are mostly located in the state capitals.

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How Working Professional should prepare for RBI Grade B Officer 2023

In a survey, it has been observed that a number of candidates give up their routine job to prepare for an exam. It takes a lot of effort to crack any bank exam specially RBI Grade B 2023. Quitting up something to achieve the other objective is never a solution. One has to deviate all his/her attention while studying. This strategy for working aspirants will help you do both your job and studies in a well-organized manner.

#Work From Home is an added advantage

Due to the ongoing circumstances, many companies especially private companies are operating from home. This is an added advantage for the aspirants who are planning to take the exam this year as they can now devote most of their time to studies with their routine job. They can now save their traveling time and can utilize the same. Make the best use of working from home follow the tips mentioned below and maintain your daily routine.

Also, there is no denying the fact the existing bank employees whether working in IBPS, SBI, Or other organizations are also working hard to be a part of the RBI. Even the existing employees of RBI participate in RBI Grade B recruitment to have a decent lifestyle. So why wait? Even if you are a working professional you can still crack the exam if you are focused enough.

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Note down the number of hours you have

The first and foremost thing is to define the number of hours you have to study. We all have 24 hours a day and a person normally works for 8-9 hours if he is working somewhere. One can easily make use of the remaining hours. (Let's say 4-6 hours). Devote these hours to studies only without any distractions.

Make your own study plan

  • Make your own study plan and follow it. Avoid using other coaching center's plans.
  • You have limited time to study so do not waste it doing anything.
  • Plan your preparation and how you are going to carry them.
  • Devote at least 4-5 hours a day (Weekdays).
  • Try to give equal time to all the subjects.
  • Do not leave any topic especially GA.

Take online Courses or Study Online

  • Make use of the internet as everything is readily available to you.
  • A number of websites provide the material for RBI Grade B but look for the best suitable one.
  • If you do not understand the teachings of any faculty you can follow any other faculty of your choice.
  • You can also follow BYJU'S EXAM Prep for regular updates and an online Classroom Program (free+paid).
  • You will find there all the latest exam video classes to help you prepare for your exams.

Save Time:

  • Cut off yourself from the things which are not important and devote your that time to studies only.
  • For e.g. devote less or least time to surfing social media, less time to family and friends, etc, and use this time to prepare for your exams.

Have a good lifestyle:

  • Till the exam, you should only focus on your studies and health. Both physical and mental health is important for a person. Do not compromise with it.
  • Find 10-15 minutes to exercise, meditate, and do other activities daily.

Give mock tests:

  • In order to analyze your preparation, it's very important to give daily at least one mock test.
  • This will help you to know your weak areas and then you can work accordingly
  • You can also analyze your overall rank and see where you stand in the crowd. Attempt All India Tests to know your rank among your fellow aspirants. 

 Work on your reading habits:

  • This is a very good and important habit to make if you are seriously preparing for the RBI Grade B exam.
  • Your reading habit will help you score good marks in the English section of the exam.
  • You can read articles, interviews, news, etc even when you are in your office and have free time.
  • Here we are providing you with the links from where you can read daily current affairs and also practice your English language.

Utilize your weekends wisely:

  • We will suggest that you utilize your weekends wisely. As you have got one/two full days, try to plan them well.
  • You can revise whatever you had studied in the entire week, also you can learn new topics or concepts.

Take care of your present job:

  • This is very important, as without this present job you may come under pressure.
  • Until you get selected as RBI Grade B or in any other bank that you aspire for, don't take your present job lightly.

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  • The working professionals need to follow a strict study plan because they have less time compared to the non-working aspirants. Working professionals should spare the time according to their work routine to prepare for RBI Grade B 2022 Exam.

  • First of all, prepare the study plan and after completion of one topic, revise it and then attempt RBI Grade B Daily mock tests.

  • Yes, and the best part of BYJU'S EXAM PREP RBI Grade B online Coaching is these classes can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. These classes are saved on its platform and you can study after finishing off your office work.

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