How to Crack the UPSC EPFO 2021 Exam in First Attempt?

By Saroj Singh|Updated : April 2nd, 2021

In this article, we are discussing some of the effective tips to crack the UPSC EPFO 2020-2021 exam in the first attempt. When the examination is just one month away, effective revision becomes crucial and if done diligently then facts and concepts can be etched in the memory for a longer time. 

UPSC EPFO has two pages: the recruitment test (RT), and the Interview. The examination does not involve the Main stage. With rising competition each day, it is of utmost importance to keep your preparation in check. Let us discuss how you can strategize for cracking the UPSC EPFO exam in your first chance.

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Strategy to Crack UPSC EPFO 2021 Exam in First Attempt

Do you wish to prep smart and score better in UPSC EPFO 2020-2021 Exam? Do you aspire to be an Enforcement Officer (EO)/Accounts Officer (AO) under the Ministry of Labour and Employment? Do you wish to be part of a civil service fraternity that serves for the working class in India? Then you are on the right page. 

Strategy to Ace the UPSC EPFO Exam Preparation

To ace in the UPSC EPFO 2020-2021 Exam and come up with an ideal strategy, there are some critical requisites that a candidate must have for cracking the UPSC EPFO 2020-2021 Exam. 

  1. Prioritize and Plan: Go through the previous year papers of all the exams conducted by the UPSC (last three years recommended), identify your weak and strong areas. Diligently come up with your strategy. 
  2. Thorough understanding of Syllabus: It is a prerequisite to gaze dimensions and different segments prescribed by the Union Public Service Commission for the EPFO EO/AO 2020-2021 Exam. Keep the syllabus handy either in the form of PDF in your mobile or desktop screen or take the printout and stick to the wall/notice board where you often study. While studying the topic, remember the larger goal, and this can be ensured if the candidate knows the UPSC EPFO syllabus well. It keeps the preparation focused. 
  3. Stick to one source: In the age of information overload, it is often seen that the focus gets shifted easily from the goal. Do not do a single topic from multiple sources; it is advisable to stick to one source and rehearse as many questions as possible. This will help in learning and retaining in a better way. 
  4. Keep notes handy: Whatever you learn must be recorded in the form of short notes, as it helps to recall better and minimize mistakes in the exam. It becomes more critical as there is a one-third penalty for each wrong attempt.
  5. Set small targets: To utilize time effectively, be aware of the long-term objective, and set small daily targets that are doable. 
  6. Importance of mocks: Initially, at the beginning of preparation, it is advisable to attempt at least one mock per week (can attempt more as the preparation paces up). It helps consolidate different areas and gives an overall idea of the preparation stage.
  7. Stay updated: Daily newspaper reading cannot be replaced; it not only prepares for the recruitment test but also helps immensely in developing a well-informed personality, a quality inherent in an officer.  
  8. Guidance is necessary: It can come from multiple sources- toppers, coaching teachers, peer groups, etc. Avoid isolating yourself completely, diligently take inputs from your surroundings, be selective and stay relevant to your preparation.

How BYJU'S Exam Prep can help Prepare and Score better for the UPSC EPFO 2020-2021 Exam?

  • With nearly 180+ days left for the UPSC EPFO 2020-2021 Exam, coming up with an effective preparation strategy with diligent assessment, sometimes becomes overwhelming, if that is the case with you then, BYJU'S Exam Prep as an institution can help you prepare safely in your home. 
  • Remember, after a gap of three years, the UPSC has released the notification of the EPFO exam. 
  • EPFO 2020-2021 exam will be conducted for 421 vacancies and around 10 lakh students have already applied through this exam i.e. nearly 2400 students will compete for each of the posts. 

 UPSC EPFO Study Material

Additional Tips

  • Assisting the self-study with a guided approach fast paces the exam preparation. 
  • With meticulous planning and effective strategy with timely implementation, the most robust goals can be achieved. Effective revision is the key.
  • Learn from the mistakes made in the mock tests and commit not to repeat them in the actual exam. 
  • At last, perseverance is the key, practice, practice, and practice!

Working for the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, as an EO/AO is considered noble and prestigious. As an Enforcement Officer or as an Accounts Officer, one serves for ensuring the social security of the working classes in Indian society. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) provides social security to crores of employees in India. An officer plays an essential role in their vital life savings of lakhs of people, and it is one of the most widely used investment schemes by the salaried class. EPFO largest social security organization in the World in terms of clientele and the volume of financial transactions undertaken.

We wish you all the best!  



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